Advance Your Practice To The Next Level Using A CRM

Is your law firm currently looking for a Client Relationship Management (CRM) software?  If so, are you ready to advance your practice to the next level?

There are many things to look for when trying to find a CRM that works for you.  Aside from the obvious safety and security issues, here are some main bullet points of what you want to look for:

  • Improve the organization
  • Maximize efficiency
  • Drive more revenue into the practice

Lexicata 3.0 CRM

Lexicata is one of the leading CRM’s for law firms.  Its design and user interface have been streamlined for easy use and functionality.  Released earlier this year, the newest version of its cloud-based application, Lexicata 3.0.   Most of the recent updates were implemented after receiving feedback from current users.  Lexicata has incorporated many new features, one of the beings to reduce the number of clicks needed to navigate.  They have also made significant improvements on its mobile devices interface, making this system easier to carry with you on the go.

New Features

Lexicata 3.0 has added on powerful new features to make your management even easier.  Here’s a list from Lexicata of what some of their new features can do for you:


Quick Form – the Quick Form feature enables you to create a task/matter and send or fill out an intake form simultaneously. This means you don’t have to create the task first and then send the form afterward.

Quick Appointment – like Quick Form, but the difference is that you can simultaneously schedule a consultation and automatic reminder email while creating the matter.

Filterable Agenda –The Agenda includes tasks, appointments, due dates for intake forms and e-signatures, and scheduled emails. It is filterable by time (e.g. today vs. upcoming), assigned user, or item type.  It also has useful filters to help you with your daily ‘to-do list’.

Robust Activity Timelines – the matter and contact pages now have an activity timeline that tracks each important event.  It also includes any notes and sent emails inline, so you can easily see the what, when, and who that has happened. Examples of content pages include:

  • Submissions of forms or signed documents
  • Matter status changes
  • Upcoming appointments
  • Task due dates

User Signer Role – perhaps the most substantial new feature, is the addition of the user signer role. Now, you can create “user signers” and Lexicata will automatically notify them via email when it’s their turn to sign a document.

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Ultimately the focus of all improvements is to make the processes flow more efficiently and to cut down on the number of steps needed.  This will save you time, money and a headache!  To learn more, visit

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