Appointment Core

AppointmentCore is a great integrated application for Infusionsoft (now known as Keap). This calendar allows your Back Office Betties virtual receptionist team to seamlessly conduct new legal intakes and schedule appointments for your law firm.

Create Appointment Slots

Clients can see your open availability and choose a time that works for them. Your appointment is automatically created and email confirmations are sent to both parties.

Automated Conference Invitations

No more sending individual invites for conference events. When integrated with your platform of choice, AppointmentCore sends invitations to the other party automatically.

Set Limits

When dealing with appointment availability, you can set a limit to how far in advance your schedule is open. You pick how close to an appointment someone can book.

Connecting AppointmentCore

  1. Log in to AppointmentCore
  2. Navigate to Booking Links
  3. Locate the booking link you’d like to share
  4. Click Save/Publish/Share
  5. Copy the unique URL for that booking link
  6. Share your booking links with Betties
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