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“What Is A Virtual Receptionist?” And Other Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve attempted Googling “What is a virtual receptionist?” at least once, this blog post is for you. We’re sitting down and addressing some of the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding virtual receptionist services, what makes Back Office Betties different, and why your law firm might benefit from outsourcing your phone processes. Okay, so what […]

Meet The Bettie | Chelsea Beth

Meet Chelsea Beth! Chelsea Beth spent 15+ years working as a nanny before accepting a job as an Assistant Administrator at a law firm, where she worked for 7 years. She started at Betties in March of this year but hopes to be with us until her retiring day (so she claims). Her experience brings […]

Letter From The CEO

On a recent flight from Cleveland to Atlanta, my seatmate gave me some great advice: Always block off your calendar for a day or two after a trip. I’ve been hopping from city to city, all over the states it seems, for a couple of months now and boy am I craving some routine! I’m […]

Learn & Think Better With Active Ideation

What do you do with articles you find and other interesting reading material? Collect it and let it gather dust? Read it once and never touch it again? Read it through multiple times in hopes the information sticks? Chances are, you’re not actually learning as much as you want to be from your collection of […]

Marketing Your Law Firm

I just got back from a marketing conference and have so much learning to share with you! To start though, I’m going to keep it simple and share the easiest new learning that you can implement right away. Have you heard of something called a funnel? I’ll explain quickly just in case you haven’t. Your […]