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What We Learned From a Bomb Threat

Bomb threat. Such a scary phrase, but also one that doesn’t feel quite real. You hear about bomb threats, sure, but it’s not often you are in the middle of one. A few days ago, one of our receptionists answered a call for a client with multiple locations within the U.S. The caller told our […]

Betties Book Brief | The Third Door

We are back again with the very last Book Brief of this decade! This month, we read The Third Door: The Wild Quest to Uncover How the World’s Most Successful People Launched Their Careers by Alex Banayan. This one was cringy, vulnerable, inspiring, and packed with life lessons. I laughed, I cried – oftentimes simultaneously! Obviously […]

Never Split the Difference – Betties Book Brief

Negotiations happen in all facets of life. Whether it’s negotiating with your children about how much they need to eat for dinner (one of the hardest negotiations to win, if we’re being honest!) or it’s getting yourself into the best car at the best price, you’re bound to run into scenarios that require you to […]

Meet the Betties | Team Manager

Meet Katelyn – Team Manager Alright, last month you met our CEO, so now we are excited to introduce the Betties Team Manager! Katelyn Draper joined the Back Office Betties team in June of 2018 and has taken charge to build a flourishing team around the Back Office Betties name. Katelyn is originally from Portland, […]

How to Start Your Law Blog

Blogging has been around for quite a while but it feels like it’s starting to gain more traction all over again. If you haven’t jumped on the blogging train yet, you’ve probably at least read your fair share of blogs. I mean, you are reading this one right now, right? Blogs can be many things, […]

Betties Book Brief – Magnetic Marketing

Another month, another Book Brief! This time, we’ve read Magnetic Marketing: How to Attract a Flood of New Customers That Pay, Stay, and Refer, written by Dan S. Kennedy. This read had such an abundance of value that it may be our longest Book Brief yet! From general rules to rules of copy and creating […]

When Should You be Outsourcing?

A small business owner cannot do it all. Whether you have employees on staff or not, outsourcing is an eventual must. But how do you know when it’s time, or even what you should be outsourcing? If you are feeling that you are not able to focus on daily tasks within the scope of your […]