Practicing law has changed radically as technology has advanced through time. Tedious tasks that used to consume the time of legal professionals are becoming automated.   Automating tasks can make processes more streamlined and easy to follow, not to mention the hours in the day that can now be spent on cases instead of administrative work.  McKinsey Global Institute reported that 23 percent of the job a lawyer does can be automated by technology.   Below are some of the suggested daily tasks lawyers replace with technology.

Billing & Time-Keeping 2.0

Perhaps one of the most beneficial office tasks that all lawyers should automate is billing. The process of creating invoices, sending them out, waiting for payment, and then finally processing payment can be made easier by setting up billing automation.  Most programs that allow you to automate billing also provide great time-keeping software.  Gone are the days of scratching your time notes on the bottom of folders.  Time-keeping and billing automation programs are cloud-based and work across all your devices.  This maximizes the number of hours billed and in turn, increase profits.

Scheduling and Intakes Made Easy

Automation of scheduling and client intakes has proven to be very helpful in the legal profession.  They complement each other, as a great scheduling automation tool would have potential clients filling out the forms in conjunction with scheduling themselves. This all takes place entirely from your website.  It helps to drive the business towards your practice because a potential client that needs services will likely stop looking once they have an appointment scheduled.

Deadlines and Practice Management Software

Deadlines are important in every business but can be critical to lawyers.  Missing a deadline can often lead to a case being thrown out, meaning that all the challenging work put in beforehand would have been for nothing.  Because of the importance for managing deadlines, automating this process can help lawyers stay on top of their busy to-dos.  One way to stay on top is using practice management software that can automate the process of creating workflows.  Workflows aid in tracking statutory and court deadlines so you can make sure you are always one step ahead.


Capterra offers a free service that helps organizations find the best automation to fit their needs.   It is free for users to run searches on types of software they are looking for and creates a list of all vendors.   This site is a great resource to see the features of each program, as well as ratings.

Technological advances are having profound effects on the legal industry.  It is easier than ever to log and manage the time lawyers spend on cases, and even easier to charge their clients with automated billing.  Law offices using automated processes are staying ahead of the curve, so more time can be spent during the day focusing on clients and their cases.

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