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Outrageous Advertising Back Office Betties Book Brief

Betties Book Brief | Outrageous Advertising

This month, we read Bill Glazer's Outrageous Advertising That's…
Perfect your phone call process in 5 easy steps

Perfect Your Phone Call Process in 5 Easy Steps

Answering the phone when it rings. Easy as pie, right? Not necessarily!…
The Infinite Game Book Brief

Betties Book Brief | The Infinite Game

This month, the Back Office Betties team read The Infinite…
Automate your law firm while working from home

How to Automate Your Law Firm While You're Working From Home

Now that you're working from home for the foreseeable future,…
Back Office Betties Law Firms Working From Home

Transitioning Your Law Firm to Work From Home

Working from home sounds like a dream - and it is! But when you're…
Managing Your Law Firm Through Pandemic

Managing Your Law Firm in a Pandemic

Managing your law firm in a pandemic is not going to be anything…
Built to Sell Book Brief

Betties Book Brief | Built to Sell

This month's Book Brief comes to you as a plea - please don't…

How to Capture More Clients With a Better Intake Process

We want to take a moment to introduce Kat, co-founder of one…
Back Office Betties Review on Clutch

Back Office Betties' First Review on Clutch!!

Here at Back Office Betties, we have passionately been providing…
Betties are here to help

Things To Do Other Than Panic About The Coronavirus

There is no doubt that many business owners are struggling right…
Betties Book Brief - Shut Up and Listen

Betties Book Brief | Shut Up and Listen

This month in Betties Land, we enjoyed the blunt and quick…
How to choose the best virtual receptionist service for law firms

How to Choose the Best Virtual Receptionist for Your Law Firm

So you're ready to hire a virtual receptionist for your law firm?…