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Back Office Betties Review on Clutch

Back Office Betties' First Review on Clutch!!

Here at Back Office Betties, we have passionately been providing…
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Things To Do Other Than Panic About The Coronavirus

There is no doubt that many business owners are struggling right…
Betties Book Brief - Shut Up and Listen

Betties Book Brief | Shut Up and Listen

This month in Betties Land, we enjoyed the blunt and quick…
How to choose the best virtual receptionist service for law firms

How to Choose the Best Virtual Receptionist for Your Law Firm

So you're ready to hire a virtual receptionist for your law firm?…
Marketing to your law firm's ideal clients

How to Understand (and Market to) Your Law Firm's Ideal Clients

Marketing is one of those tricky parts of business that nobody…
Betties Legal Academy Ongoing Training

The Importance of Ongoing Training for a Successful Team

Customer service and our clients' success are two of Back…
What You Do Is Who You Are Book Brief

Betties Book Brief - What You Do is Who You Are

Another month, another Book Brief! To start our 2020 Book Briefs,…
Why your company culture matters

Why Your Company Culture Matters

Your company culture is a big deal - it's the actual backbone…
What we learned from a bomb threat

What We Learned From a Bomb Threat

Bomb threat. Such a scary phrase, but also one that doesn't…
The Third Door Book Brief

Betties Book Brief | The Third Door

We are back again with the very last Book Brief of this decade!…
Customer Service Should Be Your Top Priority

Making Customer Service a Priority Only Boosts Your Law Firm's Success

There's no dancing around it - with the internet at our fingertips,…
Betties Book Brief - Never Split the Difference

Never Split the Difference - Betties Book Brief

Negotiations happen in all facets of life. Whether it's negotiating…