Boost Your Business With Podcasts

Video podcasts are a terrific way to interact with customers and clients in today’s media. Not only are they a new and creative way to promote both yourself as well as the other people, but it can also provide useful information to people.  If they find your video to be helpful or informative, then you may have just collected yourself a new follower.

Quality Equipment

To create a good video podcast, you will need quality equipment. You do not need to get the top of the line stuff however there is an investment to be made.  Many podcasts can be created using cameras, but this is often the biggest financial challenge to overcome.  The latest smartphones have high-quality cameras.  This also makes it perfect to be able to use anywhere.

If you decide to do your podcast at a set location, there are webcams available as low as $80 help you get started.  Should you decide to go on a bigger budget, consider looking at digital SLR (single-lens reflex) cameras.  They produce excellent quality videos and you can find them moderately priced between the $400 to $550 range.  Overall, Nikon is highly recommended in the SLR category.


Viewers are more likely to be focused on the quality of the audio rather than the video.  This is important to take into consideration and will help you to go a little easier on your video budget.   It is more important for your viewers to hear what is being said rather than seeing tiny details.


If you are using a set location, ensure that you have a system that is set up to capture audio externally. Using a microphone that is built into the camera can sometimes result in distorted audio.  There are many suggestions for minimal gear that you can use and still produce high-quality audio.  Equipment for this can range from $60 to as high as $400 (for the moderate price range).


Another key element to be mindful of when building a video podcast is the length. Society has a very short attention span.  Building a video podcast that is going to require the viewer to watch for longer than 20 minutes, it not a recipe for success.  Aim for keeping your video podcast between 10 and 15 minutes long. If this is too little time for your subject, then perhaps consider breaking it into parts (i.e., Part 1, Part 2, etc.).   You should only have one topic per podcast and maintain a theme cohesive to the podcast.  Consider making an outline or script for your podcasts to guarantee you are staying on topic and on -time.  This will make it organized and easy to follow for your viewers.


Any successful pod-caster will tell you that consistency is one of the most essential elements.  As you develop this, it will benefit you to maintain a method that will work for you.  Start off by being consistent with scheduling.  Create a schedule for yourself that involves everyday activities, interviews, and publishing dates.

As you develop a consistent schedule, you will also create a reputation as a consistent pod-caster that provides valuable and exceptional content.   Remember to preserve a theme that is interconnected in some way.  This will encourage your audience to want to tune in every podcast.

Making a video podcast is a fantastic way to feature your business as well as your guests.  When created and done professionally, it will serve you as an avenue to gain extra exposure.

Happy Podcasting!

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