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“Back office betties is a top notch receptionist service. They go above and beyond to make sure their clients are taken care of. The people that work there are more than employees. They are like family. I could not recommend this company more.”


Bankruptcy Law

Mark has a busy bankruptcy law firm. Potential new clients often call at the last hour hoping for an emergency halt to a foreclosure sale or to an impending lawsuit from a creditor. Many potential clients are overwhelmed with their financial obligations and can no longer keep up.

Mark doesn’t need a generic answering service. He needs a specialty legal virtual receptionist service that will offer his callers the compassion they need during a challenging time in their lives.

Back Office Betties Supports Mark’s Firm by:

Virtual Assisting

In addition to telephone answering services, Mark needs a part-time assistant. Back Office Betties is at the rescue! We added virtual assistant services to his plan and now assist with managing his email inbox, responding to clients with answers to frequently asked questions.


We set Mark up on Acuity Scheduling Calendar. Acuity is the ONLY calendar we endorse wholeheartedly to those looking for a new scheduling system. It integrates with Outlook and Google and offers a very high level of customization.

Through Acuity, we created multiple appointment types such as:

  • Existing Client
  • Return Call
  • Chapter 7/13 Consultation
  • Emergency Phone Consultation

Confirming Appointments

We then customized the email confirmations that are delivered to callers. For example: On a bankruptcy consultation, we set up the confirmation email to say “Mark will be calling you at xxx-xxx-xxxx at xx:xx on xx/xx/20xx. Please click here to complete your income and debt worksheet prior to our meeting.”

We love customizing the confirmations to set up proper expectations!

Virtual Receptionist Service for Law Firms

Legal Academy Trained

All of the virtual receptionists at Back Office Betties go through our Legal Academy and become specialists in Legal terminology and processes.

Professional and Cheerful

Betties’ receptionists will always answer the phone with a smile. Our customer service is unmatched and your clients will always be happy when they come off of a call with us.

Stay Organized

With select plans, Betties can set and manage appointments. No need to worry about missing appointments or a scrambled schedule ever again!

You’ll Never Miss a Call

Your calls will never go straight to voicemail again! Betties never call in sick so you can be sure that any current or potential clients will speak to a smiling face.

Bilingual Receptionists

Do you have clients that speak another language? We guarantee access to our bilingual receptionists for seamless calls with your clients.

Responsive and Customized

Have certain processes in place? Want us to screen solicitors? Let us know how you want to handle certain calls and we will take care of the rest.

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