Case Study:
Immigration Law

Case Study:
Immigration Law

Helping Maria screen phone calls.

Maria has a busy immigration law firm in Miami, FL. She needs an answering service that provides bilingual virtual receptionists for her Spanish-speaking clients.

Going through the immigration process can be a stressful experience and people rightfully have many questions about the process. Betties is here to handle that for Maria!

Back Office Betties Supports Maria's Firm by:

Screening Clients

Back Office Betties virtual receptionists help to screen new clients and find out how critical their case is by asking about upcoming court dates or impending actions. Maria doesn’t have to worry about prioritizing because we’ve got her back.

Accept Payments

Betties receptionists take existing and new client consultation payments so that Maria doesn’t have to think about getting paid. What a relief!

Confirming Appointments

Betties bilingual Spanish-speaking receptionist service is included for all of our clients on all of our plans (no extra charge!). We offer a calm and friendly voice to your clients during a stressful time in their lives and save you the trouble of hiring another person with this skill set.

Your time is too valuable to spend on the phone! You practice the law, we’ll handle your calls.

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Virtual Receptionist Services Made for Law Firms

Custom Account Setup

Our dedicated Account Architects have created custom call handling flows for hundreds of small law firms. No two are the same!

Legal Specialized Receptionists

Rest easy knowing your receptionists are able to confidently and intelligently communicate with your callers regarding sensitive legal issues.

Leads Captured, Deals Closed

Sales-trained legal receptionists know exactly how to help your law firm land more clients and overcome objections.

Happy Clients

No more frustrated voicemails – your clients are met with the friendly voice of a de-escalation-trained receptionist every time they call.

Ongoing Growth Support

As your firm grows, your needs change. Client Services works with you to ensure our services are always benefitting your firm.

Quality Guaranteed

Quality assurance testing is performed continuously to ensure custom call handling instructions are followed and callers are WOW-ed.

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