Case Study:
Real Estate Law

Case Study:
Real Estate Law

Helping Cesar qualify leads.

Cesar manages a real estate law firm and they have grown immensely since starting with Betties.

With someone else stepping in to handle calls, nothing goes unnoticed and all prospective clients go through a seamless intake process. This gives Cesar and other lawyers at the firm time to focus on the work that only they can do.

Back Office Betties Supports Cesar's Firm by:

Screening Qualified Leads

We worked with Cesar and the owner of the firm to create a custom intake process that meets their unique needs. They are experts within their niche and our intake process assures that they are only conducting consultations with qualified leads. All other matters are referred out, then Back Office Betties virtual receptionists help to take leads through the proper channels.

Appointment Scheduling

When clients call in for updates, rather than interrupting the attorneys or their paralegal, our receptionists schedule a client call. They ensure the call will be at a time convenient, for both the attorney and the client, on their Outlook calendar using Microsoft Bookings. We work hard to provide stellar client service while reducing interruptions to the staff attorneys. This allows them to focus on the work that has led to their outstanding reputation as Tenant Law experts.

Your time is too valuable to spend on the phone! You practice the law, we’ll handle your calls.

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Virtual Receptionist Services Made for Law Firms

Custom Account Setup

Our dedicated Account Architects have created custom call handling flows for hundreds of small law firms. No two are the same!

Legal Specialized Receptionists

Rest easy knowing your receptionists are able to confidently and intelligently communicate with your callers regarding sensitive legal issues.

Leads Captured, Deals Closed

Sales-trained legal receptionists know exactly how to help your law firm land more clients and overcome objections.

Happy Clients

No more frustrated voicemails – your clients are met with the friendly voice of a de-escalation-trained receptionist every time they call.

Ongoing Growth Support

As your firm grows, your needs change. Client Services works with you to ensure our services are always benefitting your firm.

Quality Guaranteed

Quality assurance testing is performed continuously to ensure custom call handling instructions are followed and callers are WOW-ed.

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