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“Phenomenal support staff!! Receptionists are more than just available when we can’t be, but they are diligent, hardworking and professional. Our call volume has increased exponentially, and that is only possible because we have BOB available to help us conduct intakes on every person that reached out to us. The team is responsive and friendly in the face of ever-evolving and dynamic intake process. Thank heavens for BOB!!”


Real Estate Law

Cesar manages a real estate law firm and they have grown immensely since starting with Betties.

With someone else stepping in to handle calls, nothing goes unnoticed and all prospective clients go through a seamless intake process. This gives Cesar and other lawyers at the firm time to focus on the work that only they can do.

Betties Supports Cesar’s Firm by:

Screening Qualified Leads

We worked with Cesar and the owner of the firm to create a custom intake process that meets their unique needs. They are experts within their niche and our intake process assures that they are only conducting consultations with qualified leads. All other matters are referred out, then Back Office Betties virtual receptionists help to take leads through the proper channels.

Appointment Scheduling

When clients call in for updates, rather than interrupting the attorneys or their paralegal, our receptionists schedule a client call. They ensure the call will be at a time convenient, for both the attorney and the client, on their Outlook calendar using Microsoft Bookings. We work hard to provide stellar client service while reducing interruptions to the staff attorneys. This allows them to focus on the work that has led to their outstanding reputation as Tenant Law experts.

Virtual Receptionist Service for Law Firms

Legal Academy Trained

All of the virtual receptionists at Back Office Betties go through our Legal Academy and become specialists in Legal terminology and processes.

Professional and Cheerful

Betties’ receptionists will always answer the phone with a smile. Our customer service is unmatched and your clients will always be happy when they come off of a call with us.

Stay Organized

With select plans, Betties can set and manage appointments. No need to worry about missing appointments or a scrambled schedule ever again!

You’ll Never Miss a Call

Your calls will never go straight to voicemail again! Betties never call in sick so you can be sure that any current or potential clients will speak to a smiling face.

Bilingual Receptionists

Do you have clients that speak another language? We guarantee access to our bilingual receptionists for seamless calls with your clients.

Responsive and Customized

Have certain processes in place? Want us to screen solicitors? Let us know how you want to handle certain calls and we will take care of the rest.

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