How To Stay Resilient Through Adversity

Adversity will always be present in our personal and professional lives.  So how can we develop resilience?  Resilience is the process of adapting well in the face of life’s challenges and finding ways to “bounce back” from problematic encounters.   When faced with adversity, often the reaction is a feeling of uncertainty along with a strong rush of emotions.  Resilience is not an inherent trait that one possesses, in fact, there are ways to develop personal strategies to develop or enhance this trait.

Good Relationships

Having good relationships with your family and friends are very important.  Be willing to accept help and support from those who care about you.  Having the support of others to listen to you will help to build resilience.  Many studies have shown the primary factor in resilience is have a strong supportive network personally and professionally.

Acceptance & Be Realistic

When facing adversity, sometimes goals can no longer be attainable in the direction you had originally intended.  Instead of focusing on what cannot be changed, consider focusing on the current circumstances you can alter.  Change is a part of living, and with that comes acceptance.  Re-vamping goals to make them more realistic for the given situation will help you stay the course to achieving your goals.

Optimism is a great trait to have, but only when we have come to terms with the reality of your situation. Optimism without the direction of being realistic can prevent us from dealing with the genuine issues of why we are upset, thus further clouding our judgment.

Take Action

Once you have developed acceptance and a realistic view over an issue, put an action plan into place.  As difficult as it may seem, try to act on adverse situations. Making calculated decisions will benefit you, rather than ignoring it and wishing it to disappear.  A good action plan can only be written when you have a clear mind and feel ready to take decisive action.  If you are not in a state of acceptance, the potential of overwhelming yourself can be greater.


Rome wasn’t built in one day, and it sure wasn’t built by one person. As an entrepreneur, surround yourself with smart people who specialize in areas you are weaker in. This will create a well-rounded team and prepare your business for the inevitable hardships that will eventually arise.

Consider looking for opportunities for self-discovery from your adversities.  Be willing to learn something about yourself, to give yourself greater strength, and a bigger appreciation for life.  Viktor E. Frankl, a famous holocaust survivor, elaborates on the subject of adversity when he writes, “”Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but only by lack of meaning and purpose.” ― Viktor E. Frankl. His quote serves as a reminder that no matter how dark and gloomy times seem, it is only a matter of perception. With the right mindset and support network, you can do anything you set your mind to, whether that be in life or your business.

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