Need An Honest Website Developer?

Currently, there is so much competition for website development.  You can run a simple Google search and countless resources emerge.  So how can you find a good website developer?

Perhaps a different approach other than technical skills is what we should be looking for.  After all, chances are we would not even know what questions to ask or where to begin when it comes to technical jargon of a website platform.

Previous Work Experience


A first step in looking for a developer is to consider their previous work experience with clients.  Finding out the perspective from past clients is a great way to gauge their work history.  Pay attention to testimonies that might be listed on the developer’s page.  In addition, a good developer will also list the webpages they have worked on to show their craftsmanship.  Look at other pages they have created and look for qualities you wish to see in your website.  Ask for references if you are unable to determine their work experience with clients.

Bringing out the Passion

How passionate are they about what they do?   Look at it this way, if they aren’t enthusiastic about what they do, then how can creativity flow into your website?  Find a developer that has a true passion for what they do.  When they excited to be working with you, it will show in their work and disposition.  Trust your instincts if you aren’t feeling ‘good vibes’.

Creating a Partnership

Finding trust in website developer is an essential component as you are creating a partnership with this person.  This person isn’t just another ‘outsource’ you are hiring.  They are going to assist you with bringing your idea to life through your website.  You are entrusting them with your vision and a synergy must take place.  If you are questioning your trust factor with your developer, then chances are you will never be on the same page.  This will lead to slower deadlines and second-guessing the developer’s decisions on content.  With a lack of trust in the partnership, this will slow down the process.

Can they communicate?

A good website developer should be in constant communication with you about your website.  If email is the main form of communication, they should be able to be clear and concise.  They should also be able to convey to you in layman’s terms of progress and content, without using technical jargon that may confuse you.  By communicating clearly, you should have a clear vision of the direction of your website.

These are four important attributes to look for in an honest website developer.  Using this as a starting point when looking for a developer will save you time and money, minus the headache.