PracticePanther is a law practice management software that helps you save time, get paid faster, and have all of your integrations in one place.

Easily Generate Invoices

PracticePanther claims to save you up to 8 hours per month with one-click invoice generation. Generate and email your invoices, plus send automated payment reminders in less than 30 seconds.

Work From Anywhere

PracticePanther has a mobile app that allows you to track time and expenses, manage matters and clients, and send messages from anywhere and any device.

Many Integrations

PracticePanther knows that you use and love many different apps and platforms, so they made sure to integrate with all of them! Easily automate your firm by having everything in one place.

Connecting with PracticePanther

In order to allow our receptionists to schedule and modify appointments on your calendar, we will need to sync with Calendly or Acuity. Follow the steps below for Calendly:

  1. Login to your PracticePanther account and click on Settings
  2. Under Integrations, click on Calendars, Tasks & Contacts
  3. Next to the Google icon, click on Activate Sync
  4. Click Allow
  5. Login to Calendly
  6. Open the Calendar Connection Page
  7. Make sure that your Google calendar is checked and that the correct calendar is selected
  8. On your dashboard, click on the upper right corner and select Share Your Link
  9. Copy link and send to

To connect with Acuity, send us an email at and we can walk you through the process.

If you’d like to avoid the hassle, we offer a service to set this integration up for you for $99.

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