WILDLY EFFECTIVE Sales Script Builder

Reveal the secrets to creating a telephone sales script guaranteed to turn inbound phone calls into consultations!

Wildly Effective sales script builder.


WILDLY EFFECTIVE Sales Script Builder

Reveal the secrets to creating a telephone sales script guaranteed to turn inbound phone calls into consultations!

Wildly Effective sales script builder.

"BAD STUFF HAPPENS... If you can't convert inbound phone calls to consultations, your law firm will eventually run out of clients."

Dear Friend,

As the owner of a small law firm, you WORK HARD and you WORK A LOT.

It’s not just client work, it’s all the time and energy you invest in running your practice, juggling priorities, and making sure your firm is TOP OF MIND when someone has a problem you can solve.

That’s why you’ve invested so much in creating effective marketing. Ball all that money, all that energy, all that time, all that investment goes DOWN THE TUBES if, when that phone finally rings, a potentially great client does NOT book an appointment.

Having an effective telephone sales script is therefore absolutely MISSION CRITICAL. Without one, your firm could very well run out of clients.

Recognizing this need, we’ve created a brand new, easy-to-understand and use Action Guide called the “WILDLY EFFECTIVE Sales Script Builder” – and inside you’ll discover:

  • The 3 Fundamental Objectives of EVERY inbound phone interaction – if you don’t get ALL of these right, you’re leaving money on the table.
  • A H-U-G-E Mistake most lawyers make in how they frame their ask for the initial consultation… but this one simple shift in positioning could make all the difference between “no thank you” and a booked appointment.
  • How to make your consultation offer practically irresistible. (The key is getting inside the prospect’s mind and making sure what you promise delivers the results they desire.)
  • A 1-2-3 Step Process that enables you to understand the heart of what your prospect needs… not just superficially, but on a deep, emotional level that creates a connection right from that very first point of contact.
  • Why “getting down to business” and scripting your calls to be as short and efficient as possible can actually cost you serious money long term.
  • Secrets to overcoming the 6 most common objections you’ll face on the phone.
  • And there’s even MORE!

Best of all, it’s my gift to you – there’s zero charge, absolutely no obligation. It’s just our way of making life just a little bit easier for an industry that’s done so much for us.

To grab your printed copy, fill out the form above and we’ll ship one out to you pronto!

Remember: EVERY potential inbound call is an opportunity to help you achieve your dreams.

Perhaps your dream is to help as many people as possible, achieve a revenue goal, or grow the team within your law firm.

Whatever that dream is, turning potential clients into paying clients is the number one activity to get you there.

So why not have the very BEST sales script possible to help make this happen? 

Just fill out the form above and I’ll send your FREE copy to your door right away.


Emily LaRusch
Founder Back Office Betties

P.S. Sadly, far too many firms “wing it” when it comes to this oh-so-critical aspect of your FIRST client interaction. When it comes time to make the “sale” of having the prospect come in for a consultation, the messaging is scattered, random, and ineffective:

  • Phones get answered by whoever is the LEAST busy at that moment.
  • There’s no consistent messaging.
  • No structured format for questions.
  • No way to ensure that the unique values you bring to the table as an attorney are clearly communicated and understood.
  • Each call, each interaction, simply is what it is.

By not having a powerful, well-conceived script, you’re simply guaranteeing that BAD STUFF will happen.


Instead, grab your free Action Guide by filling out the form now.

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