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Getting to Know ClientRock | A New Integration

There’s a new integration in town! That is, in Back Office Betties town.

We use many integrations to easily handle scheduling appointments and client intakes for our attorneys’ callers. ClientRock is a fabulous new addition to this list.

The Start of ClientRock

While speaking with Bryan Marble, the founder of ClientRock, we discovered that he started this service after interviewing attorneys on what their greatest need was. They all agreed that they just wanted a simple intake process. There was no need for bells and whistles; just a streamlined process to get answers to their most important questions and the ability to sign off “yes” or “no” when determining if they would accept the new client.

Bryan’s wife was an employment attorney so he knew firsthand that most of them were using Word documents, or worse, handwriting information on paper. Bryan sought to create an automated process so easy that anyone, even without technical skills, could get an account up and running in no time.

Client Intake Made Easy

When asked about his service, Bryan says, “We make intelligent assumptions and have created an intuitive system that is easy to use.” Could there be anything better than that?

ClientRock has many great features, including easy integration into Clio, Outlook, Google, and LawPay.

Full concierge setup includes a phone call with Bryan himself. He sets your account up without you having to give it another thought. Just log in and go!

Once your account is set up, everything from lead to matter conversion in Clio or Practice Panther is taken care of. Fee Agreements and non-engagement notices are automated, consultation fees are paid in a snap, and your client has the option to see your availability should they need to reschedule a meeting.

Simplicity Makes the Difference

If you’re looking to make things easier on yourself, ClientRock is the way to go for client intake. Say goodbye to the days of messy setup and overwhelming features, say hello to a streamlined process that you don’t even have to think about!

You can try ClientRock free for your first 5 intakes, no credit card required. Let us know what you think!

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