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Quality Assurance: Running An Effective Test Call

Quality Assurance…For some, it’s an unknown term.  For others, they have specific processes in place to help keep tasks functioning properly.  Often quality assurance (QA) is ignored entirely OR once created, it’s never tested afterward.  Which leads to a potentially bigger drawback –you may have created a problem around the ‘quality’ component.

There are many ways to put QA into place but let’s focus on one of the most important processes – the phone calls with your customers!  This is a terrific way to evaluate if your team is providing great customer service.  A customer phone call is usually the initial contact a person will have with your business.

The Call Flow

If you do not have a process in place, the first step is to identify a blueprint of how you want your calls to go.  This can be broken down into various categories based on your business format, however here are a few examples:

  • Team Member Calls
  • Messages
  • New Client Calls
  • Payment
  • Solicitors

After identifying what categories your calls fall into, it is then time to pinpoint the type of information that needs to be collected.  Questions to consider asking when taking calls (be specific for each category you develop):

  • How would you like these calls addressed?
  • How should messages be delivered?
  • Will consultations be schedule for new clients? If so, what information needs to be collected?
  • Will payments be taken over the phone?

Having a checklist for your calls will make it simpler for your team members to understand the process as well as everyone following the same guidelines.

Quality Assurance Scorecard

Once a process has been put in place, a competency check is always in order.  Here are some examples of what to look for on a call:

  1. Did the team member perform the greeting well and was branding used?
  2. Did the team member use the customer’s name at least once throughout the call?
  3. Did the team member adequately address the caller’s needs?
  4. Did the team member collect the correct information to meet the requirements of the type of call?
  5. Did the team member speak clearly and in a friendly tone? Was the experience overall positive for the customer?

Consider constructing a checklist for your team members to follow to make sure they are hitting all bullet points.  Make this accessible for all new and existing team members to follow.  When questions arise, refer to your checklist to make sure they find the answer.  If necessary, make revisions based on the inquiries that are coming up.

Running a Test Call

To be sure your QA is running successfully; scheduling routine test calls is a must.  This will allow for those taking calls to further improve their process, adjusting as necessary.  It will also provide consistency for your team members and your customers calling.  This will also ensure good customer service always, as you are creating a culture of excellence in the workplace.



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