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Betties Book Brief – Sell or Be Sold

You know the drill by now we’re sure, but just to reiterate, every month the Back Office Betties team reads a new book and shares the value we’ve found in it. We love this opportunity for personal and professional development! This month, our virtual receptionists dove into the extremely valuable writing of Sell or Be Sold: How to Get Your Way in Business and in Life by Grant Cardone.

Grant Cardone uses humor and experience to sell you on why and how your beliefs and convictions allow you to excel in sales. If you’re not selling them to someone else, they’re selling you with them! We’ve come up with an extensive list of takeaways for this resource that can truly help anyone, entrepreneur or not.

Sell or Be Sold

  1. Everyone is a salesman. Regardless of your profession, learning how to sell can benefit you in any area of your life.
  2. A commission doesn’t have to be cash. It can simply be that you are getting your way.
  3. Objection of price really means they’re having other objections. Is this the right service for me? Is this company going to take care of me? Will I really even enjoy the service? Am I better off buying something else better that might come out next week? Will this be a mistake like other decisions I’ve made?
  4. Offer a better solution. If someone says, “it’s too much money”, they really mean it is too expensive for the solution being offered.
  5. The customer is never the problem. Salespeople are the problem 100% of the time. Give the potential new client (PNC) a product that solves his problems.
  6. Always agree with the prospect. If a prospect states that they need to think about it, agree with them before selling. For example: “Absolutely, this is an important decision and you’ve got to make sure you’re hiring someone who is going to take the best care of you. I don’t blame you for wanting to think about it and I’d like to help you and guide you in the right direction. I know that after doing your research you’ll find that I’m the best at what I do and you won’t be in better hands with anyone else. I know you’re eager to move forward and get things going – spending time interviewing attorneys can be so time-consuming! The sooner you make your decision, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that a great lawyer will take care of all of the hard work for you.”
  7. Problems equal opportunities for future sales.
  8. You will lose 100% of the sales you don’t ask for. Don’t be afraid to keep selling and asking for a sale. Give value, give value, ask for the sale, and be consistent – even when you’re inconsiderable. Grant responded to someone who felt pressured with, “Please do not mistake my enthusiasm for pressure! I know this will do xyz for you and that’s why I’m so enthusiastic. Now let’s do this.”
  9. Go to lunch every day with a prospect. At the very least, call and say, “Hey, I had something cancel. Are you available for lunch today?” Most of the time they’ll say no but you’ll be top of mind and they’ll remember those times you called and invited them out.
  10. Learn from every opportunity. Take full responsibility to avoid the negativity of doing the opposite. Examine what went wrong and walk away thinking about how to get better rather than sitting with rejection.
  11. Unreturned calls and emails don’t mean anything. They don’t mean that your prospect is not interested, they just mean not right now. Keep at it and stay in front of them.
  12. Debrief after sales calls. If someone asks something you’ve never heard before, write it down and come up with something to respond with in the future.
  13. There’s always time for learning. “If you can’t find an hour in your day, you are not in control of your day.”

Thoughts on this read? Do you agree or disagree with our takeaways and the sales advice given by Grant Cardone? Let us know over on our Facebook page!

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