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Branding Your Business: The Do’s and Don’ts of Videos

In our world of social media, branding yourself has become a critical component in business.  Using videos can be a wonderful way to boost your brand.  One of the most common platforms you will see for videos is YouTube.  YouTube is widely accepted because it is easy to use, it creates a promotion, and it is ideal for quick reference.

Creating a YouTube channel for your business will promote what you have to offer while giving knowledge of those who want to learn more about your business.  But before you go running off taking those videos, here are some of the do’s and don’ts of creating videos.



In the beginning, you may need to take some time to develop content.  It is crucial that you have prepared content in mind of the message you want to convey.  YouTube is a great platform for micro-learning so ask yourself – what do you want your viewers to learn from your video?  Think of ways to keep your content fresh and entertaining.  Often, if you do not get the attention of your audience within the first 10 seconds of your video they will move onto something else.

Visually Attractive

Creating thumbnails and banners will help to make content more visually appealing, not to mention increasing your brand awareness.  Often this can be time-consuming and many do not add this extra step in due to time constraints trying to learn something new.  Consider outsourcing this task to save yourself the time, companies like Podcast Memes can create widescreen banners and thumbnails to incorporate on your YouTube channel.

Be Consistent

Think of your YouTube channel as your personal television station.  If you want to build and audience, then you must be willing to commit to providing content consistently.  Consider providing content on the same day and time every week –  just as if it’s their favorite TV show every week!   Be sure to align your other social media formats to publicize the date and time of when your videos will be showing.


Poor Audio

Double-check to make sure your audio is good, and people can hear you clearly.  Try to make sure there is not too much background noise if you are filming outside or at a location with people.   Do a test run to make sure your sound is sharp, and your voice is clear when speaking.

Movement & Position

Consider using a stand to hold your recording device when filming your video.  A big pet peeve for audience members is a lot of movement on the video and if the position of your video is not in the upright position.  This typically happens when recording a video from a mobile device and it has been turned horizontally.  Many new devices will allow you to rotate the footage afterward, so be sure to edit before uploading.

Order Of Content

Content that you produce will always be the more important part of your videos.  While it is very tempting to put your most popular content, try to refrain from doing so.  Your YouTube list shouldn’t be listed by the most popular video, but by what you think your audience wants to see.  If necessary, create playlists of related videos to keep things organized.

Make It A Learning Experience

No matter what your target market is, take the time to produce quality videos that will be a learning experience for your audience.  Many consumers now go to YouTube to find tutorials or information on a subject.  For them, this is cheaper than buying a book or guide.  Give them content they can use and benefit from, they will appreciate the resource and refer people to your channel as well.

Happy Filming!


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