Upholding Integrity

With so many stigmas surrounding lawyers and their ethics (or lack thereof) it is extremely important that law firms create and maintain integrity. With this month being March Madness, we can compare integrity to basketball.  When the image of the NBA was suffering due to poor off-court behavior, it was athletes like Larry Bird and Julius Erving that saved the NBA.  They exhibited being virtuous role models in the league.     

Instead of investing time and energy into creating an image of perfection…. invest in your employees, promote honesty, and walk the walk.  Conscious capitalism is on the rise, which means people are more concerned with companies that have strong core values and less about flashy brands.

Quick Tips

Here are few ways you can create and maintain integrity:

  • Keep your word: Deliver on your promises and commitments… no if, and’s, or buts!
  • Notice your environment: Is your office space organized? Are papers taken care of and filed properly? This speaks volumes about your firm’s integrity. If your office is messy, or if things get lost/misplaced, your clients will notice and not feel safe in your hands.
  • Don’t get distracted: There is always going to be new and exciting things to distract you from your goals/ values. Don’t get caught up in these things, remember what you are here for and who you are serving.
  • Surround yourself with like-minded people: If your values are delivering honesty and integrity, then mingle in crowd with the same values! This includes your employees/ professional partners. If you want an honest business culture, then hire those who reflect those values in their own lives.
  • Respect your employees: Valuing your employees is huge! Lead by example in your firm and see your employees follow in your footsteps.

These principles are important to bring into our professional lives not only because it’s the right thing to do… but also because it’s just smart business practice.