How To Manage A Small Law Firm Thinks We’re Great. You Will Too.

Plans For Every Law Firm

Grow with us! Back Office Betties offers a variety of plans for every size law firm and budget, from solo attorney to thriving firm.

Highly Skilled Legal-Specialized Receptionists

Every Back Office Betties Receptionist goes through Betties Legal Academy before answering any calls, as well as ongoing training.

Customized Call Flow Blueprint

Our dedicated Account Architects have created custom call flow blueprints for hundreds of small law firms! No two the same.

Appointment Scheduling

Back Office Betties receptionists are trained in many different calendar types to schedule appointments for callers.

New Client Intakes

Save time by allowing your receptionists to ask intake questions and input potential new clients into your CRM.

Unlimited Plan Available

Back Office Betties is the only legal virtual receptionist service to offer unlimited call minutes for attorneys & small law firms.

“Phenomenal support staff!! Receptionists are more than just available when we can’t be, but they are diligent, hardworking and professional. Our call volume has increased exponentially, and that is only possible because we have BOB available to help us conduct intakes on every person that reached out to us. The team is responsive and friendly in the face of ever-evolving and dynamic intake process. Thank heavens for BOB!!”


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