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General FAQs

To put it simply, answering services tend to be more cut and dry while virtual receptionists take on a more personable and professional role. At Betties, we become a true extension of your law firm by providing your callers with a knowledgeable and friendly voice on the other end of the line.

To start, we only serve attorneys like you! In doing so, we’ve been able to specialize our services and features to meet the needs of attorneys and small law firms. 

We ensure that every receptionist goes through Betties Legal Academy and customer service and sales trainings to provide your callers with the best experience possible. Additionally, we are the only legal receptionist service to provide flat-rate unlimited call handling.

Your call scripting and preferences are completely customizable! We will work with you to develop the perfect call flow blueprint for your firm. Whether that means starting from the ground up, offering suggestions, or implementing scripts you already have in place.

Our Account Architects have created hundreds of custom call flow blueprints for small law firms – no two are the same!

Monday – Friday, 5:00 am – 5:00 pm PST. After-hours calls will be directed to your voicemail and those messages will be delivered to your email. If you’d like us to check voicemail for you each morning and return those calls, we’re happy to do so!

Yep! We have a team of bilingual Spanish-speaking virtual receptionists.

We keep our receptionist teams small so that they are able to really get to know your firm. You’ll have between 8-10 virtual receptionists answering your calls. They’ll become an extension of your law firm by getting to know what you like and dislike, as well as specifics about your firm.

Technical FAQs

Nope! You can keep your number! We will provide you with a phone number to forward your calls to. You choose when and for how long you want calls to be routed to Betties receptionists.

We can! We are happy to provide you with a phone number in your area code or the area code of your choice (depending on the availability). You are welcome to provide this number directly to your clients and publish it on your website and anywhere else you choose. 

For most phone providers, it will be as easy as dialing a code from your phone. If you need help, we’re here for you!

Features FAQs

Betties integrates with Clio Grow to automatically deliver every new qualified lead right into your Clio Grow inbox! Custom intake questions and case notes are attached to each new lead. Receiving new client intakes has never been easier.

Absolutely! Your Betties receptionists are happy to reach out to your clients or potential clients to relay or gather information, schedule consultations, collect payments, answer questions, and more.

In short: Whatever you need. Every law firm is different. Every case type is different. We are happy to complete custom intakes for each and every case type your firm handles.

Yes! We offer Live Web Chat monitoring plans to our Virtual Receptionist clients. View Web Chat plans here.

Betties receptionists can modify existing appointments in Acuity, Calendly, and SetMore. Just give us your login information or create a new username and password for us!

Plans & Pricing FAQs

You can view our Virtual Receptionists plans and pricing here

Your call minutes are never rounded up. That means if a call lasted for 2 minutes and 45 seconds, we record that call as 2.75 minutes.

Additional minutes are prorated at your plan’s per minute rate. Discounts are available for higher volume plans.

The Betties Racing Unlimited plan was developed specifically for solo or 2-person law firms. (That’s 1 attorney, 2 attorneys, or 1 attorney + 1 staff member.) After working with many solo law firms, we realized the benefits a flat rate, unlimited minutes plan could provide. The Racing Unlimited plan also includes extra features not available on other plans. View all of our Virtual Receptionist plans here.

You can start your Virtual Receptionist services by signing up for a Free Trial!

Have more questions first? Contact us here or give us a call.

Virtual Assistant FAQs

Just 1.

We’ll match you with the best Virtual Assistant who is most qualified for your needs. They’ll get to know you and your business on a personal level, just like a typical employee!

As often as you need to!

Regular check-ins can be scheduled between you and your Virtual Assistant, but you’ll be able to reach out to them any time.

There sure are!

Our 10 Hour, 20 Hour, and 40 Hour Virtual Assistant plans come with a 5% discount on Virtual Receptionist Minutes. 

Our 60 Hour Virtual Assistant Plan comes with a 10% discount on Virtual Receptionists Minutes.

Absolutely. Your Virtual Assistant services are separate from your Virtual Receptionist services (if you have both). Any time that your Virtual Assistant spends on the phone will not be deducted from your Virtual Receptionist minutes!

All of Back Office Betties’ Virtual Assistants are located in the United States.

Betties Virtual Assistants are generally available during normal business hours. If you need your Virtual Assistant to work specific hours, please let us know during onboarding so that we can match you with someone who is available at that time.

Monthly Virtual Assistant hours do not roll over into the next month if unused. 

Additional Virtual Assistant hours are prorated at your plan’s hourly rate as needed.

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