Acuity Scheduling

Our favorite, most versatile scheduling software: appointment scheduling, client intakes, and payment processing all in one place.

Why we love it:

Complete control over availability

Manage your availability down to the minute, including buffer times, by appointment type, calendar, employee, day of the week, total number of daily appointments, and any combination!

Custom intake forms

Intake forms are easy to create and assign to different appointment types. Use macros to pull responses from intake forms into confirmations. (For example: appointment location)

Automated appointment confirmations & reminders

Set it and forget it with customizable appointment confirmations and reminders. Create unique confirmations with specific information by appointment type.


Acuity Scheduling syncs with Google and Outlook calendars as well as iCloud, Zoom, Google Meet, QuickBooks, and many more!

How we work with it:

Completing custom intake forms

Betties receptionists will complete your custom intake forms when scheduling appointments.

Appointment scheduling

Betties receptionists will schedule appointments for you using your direct scheduling links.

Processing payments

Connect your Acuity account to Stripe, PayPal, or Square and Betties receptionists will charge your appointment fees at the time of scheduling.

Existing appointment verifications & modifications

Betties receptionists will log in to your Acuity account to verify, cancel, reschedule, or update existing appointments.

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