Clio Grow

Industry leading legal software that automates your client intake processes and lead management. 

Why we love it:

Custom intake & document forms

Create detailed custom intake forms and documents that sync with your contacts. Templates included!

Task automation

Lower your stress by automating your work! Set up automated reminders and follow-ups using customizable templates.

Lead management

Beautifully organize your leads by pipeline and pull instant reports on matters and referral sources for your marketing efforts.


Integrate with Clio Manage, Lawlytics, WordPress, Back Office Betties, and more!

How we work with it:

Back Office Betties delivers qualified leads right to your Clio Grow Inbox! Custom intake questions and case notes are attached to each lead. Lead screening, lead capturing, and receiving new client intakes has never been easier.

Clio Grow + Back Office Betties guarantees no leads fall through the cracks!

Back Office Betties connects to Clio Grow using your Clio Grow Inbox Token.

Have questions?

We have answers.

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