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The Virtual Receptionists

Custom-Made for Lawyers

A Boutique Call Center

Scratch your image of giant call centers with twenty people per team and envision a service driven company focused solely on lawyers. Imagine growing your team by five cheerful receptionists eager to be of service to you. Imagine the freedom of being able to take time off knowing we’ve got your back.

Download Our Call Flow Blueprint to learn how to fine tune your call handling and quality processes.

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We don’t just give you a phone number to forward calls to and then sit back and take your hard earned cash. We will work with you to create your firms custom Call Flow Blueprint and then will spend several hours implementing this flow into our system.

That’s not where our work ends. Once your account is created, our training team kicks it into high gear. We will assign your team online training + perform a live practice call with each receptionist.

During your first week, we will check-in with you to ask for areas of opportunity to fine tune our service to you. We will also perform several quality assurance audits to ensure your team is getting off to a great start.

During your first three months, with each call taken your team will be really getting to know you and perfecting their ability to represent you and understand your individual preferences.

Heard enough?

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Our plans are perfect for solo and small firms. We aren’t a budget service. We don’t want clients from every industry. We know what we’re great at and we want to work the lawyers who can most benefit from our service. We love helping small firms surthrive! Although our per minute pricing isn’t the cheapest on the market, our clients average an affordable spend of just $450 per month.

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