Clio Grow Integration


As many you have already heard from our social media posts, we are now integration partners with Clio Grow! This integration will further streamline the intake process because new leads will be sent straight to your Clio Grow inbox, further alleviating some of the paperwork formerly required for this task.

Why You Should Use Clio Grow

If you are not using Clio Grow, it’s time to get with the program! It does so much more than simply keep you organized, it grows your firm by tracking data, such as potential client progress and key business drivers– which would otherwise be nearly impossible to collect on your own.

Some of the other amazing Clio Grow functions include:

Automated intakes, engagement agreements, and more. Clio Grow helps you automate these emails with templates, email scheduling, customized intake forms, and more!

Quick Intake button. The Quick Intake button is simple and makes adding potential clients into your database super-fast.

Clio Referral Network. The Clio Referral Network gives you access to a community of lawyers who also use the software, making referrals a painless process for when you are at max capacity and can’t take on another client.

And so much more…!

These are only a few of the functions offered by Clio Grow; It truly is a highly advanced and groundbreaking program.  We are excited to be utilizing this to greatly increase the efficiency of your law firm!

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