Share the Law-ve | Episode 039: Outsourcing is the Key to Scaling Your Business with Amber Gray


Doing it all is for the birds! On this episode of Share the Law-ve, we chat with Amber Gray, founder and CEO of Trusty Oak. Trusty Oak is a different kind of virtual assistant company, matching you with a highly skilled professional virtual assistant who can expertly tackle big projects and ongoing tasks for your business. Amber shares with us one of the tasks that she recently outsourced, as well as tips on taking the plunge to outsource something from your business for the first time.

In this episode:

  • What makes Trusty Oak different from your typical virtual assistant
  • How to determine what tasks you should outsource first
  • Do you have to have a list of tasks ready to go before hiring a virtual assistant?
  • How to trust that your virtual assistant will do a good job
  • If Amber could be anyone’s personal assistant, it would be…

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