Share the Law-ve | Episode 006: Top Security Mistakes Your Firm is Making

As time goes by, more and more law firms are now moving into the cloud. Add in some state bar rules to the mix and it’s much harder to keep up! Thankfully we have people like Beits Livneh, President of Legal Technology Solutions – an IT firm that specializes in helping legal professionals take advantage of technology.

Beits’ background is full of colors and one hell of an example of The American Dream. His background is from the Israeli military in intelligence and risked everything to chase his dream in the U.S. With $300 in his pocket upon arriving, he strived and 17 years later, his business is the number 1 IT firm in Arizona.

In this episode:

  • Is the cloud much secure than the old way
  • Is GSuite more secure than Gmail
  • How Google makes money from you
  • Is it better to store data on practice management software like Clio

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FREE Network & Security Assessment –

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