8 Reasons Attorneys Should Use Podcasts for Marketing

Why Attorneys Should Be Podcasting (and How to Get Started)

8 Reasons Attorneys Should Use Podcasts for MarketingCasey Cheshire, Founder of Ringmaster Conversational Marketing, joined Solo de Facto to discuss why podcasting is one of the best marketing channels for building connections and landing new clients. Find out how investing in a podcast can be a big money-making decision for busy attorneys.


How to Grow Your Practice With Podcasting

When it comes to marketing for a law practice, starting a podcast might not seem like the most obvious choice. However, Casey has discovered that creating a podcast can build brand awareness, bring in new leads, and help attorneys create content that their audience wants to consume. “New clients come from connections,” Casey says, “and there’s no more efficient way to create these connections with your valuable time than podcasts.”


Podcasts are the perfect opportunity to build rapport and have focused conversations without distractions. At the end of a conversation, the host and the interviewee have gotten to know each other well. Once the podcast is published, the listener gets to know the host and interviewee. Podcasts create a medium where attention is focused on the individual and the information being provided.


8 Reasons Why Attorneys Should Use Podcasts for Marketing


1 – You get to sit down with your perfect customer.

Podcasts are a wonderful way to reach your target audience. You can get even more niche than paid advertising by setting up interviews with the exact customers you are trying to attract. For example, if you prefer business customers, like CEOs, you can create a podcast that speaks with CEOs in your area of business. You can learn about their wants and needs while establishing a network of potential clients.


2 – You will connect with new leads.

It can feel overwhelming to take time out of your busy day for a podcast. Time is limited and extremely valuable, and rare when everyone is trying to get on your calendar. However, setting aside a dedicated time for one-on-one conversations with someone you want to work with could lead to new business later. If you are intentional with your interviewee list, your podcasting schedule can easily become a goldmine of warm leads.


After all, as Zig Ziglar says, “If people like you they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you they’ll do business with you.”


3 – Podcast guests become your future audience.

One of the great things about podcasts is that your current guests become your future listeners. More than that, their network is full of new listeners and potential clients. Investing in a business podcast means investing in short-term and long-term brand awareness.


4 – You can establish authority in your field.

When you start having conversations with your ideal customer, you can really showcase your knowledge and strengths as an attorney. You will have a lot of chances to demonstrate your level of expertise and show that you know what you’re talking about. This will help establish you as a thought leader and an authoritative voice in your niche. Now listeners will be more likely to reach out to your firm to get help because they trust you and your guidance.


5 – A podcast can expand your practice’s reach at a low cost.

Not only can you convert your guests into new work opportunities, but you will also be creating a marketing channel that could help you reach hundreds, even thousands, of listeners. Paid advertising can bring in new customers but it’s often costly and doesn’t guarantee new customers. Setting up a podcast doesn’t have to be costly and can bring in new customers organically, without relying on a big ads budget.


6 – You can build relationships of trust.

Podcasts are a great way to let your audience get to know you. Your conversations with guests will give listeners a peek into your personality, opinions, expertise, and working style. When listeners get to know you, they will start to trust you and feel comfortable reaching out when they need an attorney.


7 – You will learn how to serve your ideal buyer better.

By using your podcast to make connections with ideal customers, you can ask questions that will give you a competitive edge. Turn your interviews into a feedback loop that informs the future content you create, the right messaging to reach the right clients, and future outreach strategies. With a podcast, you can get insights from your target audience straight from the source that will help you build a more successful practice.


8 – Overcome ad blindness with a fresh approach.

We see hundreds of ads every day. People see so many ads that they don’t even realize how many ads they’ve seen! At the end of the day, the average person won’t remember an ad that they saw. What will stick with them is an amazing conversation they heard on a podcast. Attorneys can stand out and cut through the noise by creating an engaging people-centric podcast.


Turn Your Podcast Into New Business

You don’t need a huge budget to add a podcast into your marketing mix. By setting up your show with a solid foundation, you can build valuable connections that can bring in big returns on your investment. For people who are nervous about taking the leap into podcasting, Casey recommends taking these small steps:

  • Swing for the fences. Invite high profile and “out-of-your-league” guests. You may be surprised by who will say yes.
  • Figure out a few core questions you want to ask your guests. This will help you get to the core of your podcast’s voice and purpose.
  • Develop a name that gets to the heart of what your podcast is about.
  • Practice! Partner up with somebody who can give you constructive feedback to improve your interviewing skills.


Interested to hear more from Casey on podcasting? Listen to his interview on Solo de Facto here.