The Importance of Networking

Networking Is Important for Attorneys – Here’s How to Do it Effectively

In the competitive world of law, standing out and creating…
Law Firm Social Media: A Virtual Assistant Can Do It Better

How Virtual Assistants Can Manage Your Law Firm’s Social Media Presence

Attention small law firms! Are you struggling to manage your…
How to Save Time and Sanity by Screening Leads

Stop Wasting Your Time on Bad Leads

  How Most Attorneys Look for Leads In a perfect world,…
FOCUS ON CLIENT EXPERIENCE (Stop Wasting Your Marketing Dollars)

Putting the Client Experience First

How can firms stand out in a crowded online space and make…
6 Ways to Simplify Marketing for Your Small Business

Your Business, Your Choices

Michelle Pippin leveraged her experience as a virtual assistant…
How to Start Your Marketing Process as a Small Firm

Expert Marketing Tips for Solo Attorney Success

This Solo de Facto guest is an expert communicator and PR…
How to Attract Your Ideal Clients with Authenticity

The Importance of Being Yourself in a Solo Practice

Elisabeth Pickle is the founder of The Mindful Counsel, a boutique…
8 Reasons Attorneys Should Use Podcasts for Marketing

Why Attorneys Should Be Podcasting (and How to Get Started)

Casey Cheshire, Founder of Ringmaster Conversational Marketing,…
You're Not the Hero of the Story

How to Create Content That Drives Business to Your Law Firm

Back Office Betties CEO, Emily LaRusch, recently spoke with…
This Is Why Gifting Might Not Be Working for You (And How to Do it Right)

Gifting as a Law Firm Marketing Strategy

There’s a lot of talk about the psychology of gifting and how…
The Guide to Getting More Referrals

Your Law Firm Is Missing Out on Easy Money

As an attorney, you probably already know that law firms rely…
Marketing to your law firm's ideal clients

How to Understand (and Market to) Your Law Firm’s Ideal Clients

Marketing is one of those tricky parts of business that nobody…
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