Share the Law-ve | Episode 030: Teaching Entrepreneurship to Lawyers

Are you an overworked attorney who doesn’t have enough time to go on a vacation without leaving your computer at home? Do you feel like you’re not earning what you deserve or you don’t have any exit strategy for retirement? In this week’s episode, we have Richard James – Founder and President of Automated Business Results LLC. Richard has devised a process for helping attorneys build a practice that supports their lifestyle, not undermines it. He believes that systems should run your law firm and people should run your systems.

In this episode:

  • The First thing he works on when a lawyer comes to him
  • Misconceptions about coaching
  • Why Richard still has a coach
  • How a mastermind works and why it’s important
  • Is a mastermind fit for solo lawyers?
  • Making sure your business is profitable to help more people
  • Can entrepreneurship be taught to lawyers
  • Upcoming Mastermind meeting & Bootcamp by Richard James

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