Share the Law-ve | Episode 027: Prison yard to Harvard

Our guest for this week is an inspiration to everyone who feels stuck in a rut or dealing with problems both in business and personal life. Andre Norman is an international public speaker, TED presenter, advocate, and consultant. Known to many as “The Ambassador Of Hope”, Andre Norman’s experience and expertise is what empowers him to speak about and create training programs for families in crisis, substance abuse and teen drinking, reentry, ex-offender, gangs, prison reform, and mentoring. Andre travels to schools, churches, and community centers around the world to serve as a mentor and friend to youth and community members alike.  His story of prison yard to Harvard is definitely inspiring and will motivate you on staying resilient while dealing with adversity and holding on to hope.

In this episode:

  • Andre’s childhood story
  • “The right thing is the hard thing”
  • Andre’s life in prison and some things he’s done
  • The story where Andre was being advocated by a someone who was taking care of her while being forced medicated
  • Pivotal moment when Andre realized that he needs to change for the better
  • The moment where he signed up for a GED program and went out of prison in 1999
  • Andre’s advocacy and outreach at Guatemala
  • Andre’s ideas on reforming the prison system as presented in his TED talk
  • One thing that Andre wants us to advocate for

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