Share the Law-ve | Episode 001 Stop the Billable Hour Insanity

The Reign of the Billable Hour is Over! On this episode of Share The Law-ve, Emily LaRusch, CEO of virtual receptionist firm Back Office Betties sits down with Megan Porth to talk about shaking up the billable hour model. Megan took a hard look at the existing law firm business model and refused to be a typical billable hours attorney by saying “This doesn’t work for me!”  She is the founder of Your Contract Shop, a boutique law firm that is on a mission to “create a world where individuals and business owners get the legal advice they need quickly, easily and affordably.”

Megan shares her story of breaking stride with the legal business ‘status quo’ and following her big idea to change how we view Attorney/Client interaction, billing, and much more.

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In this episode:

How Megan Porth started her own business and stayed motivated. Shaking up the way we think about client billing.

  • Hourly billing is antiquated
  • Should you be focusing on scope of work?
  • Should attorney’s charge for consultations?
  • What should consumers look for when hiring an attorney?
  • Tips for Clients on finding the best attorney and the best rates for your needs
  • What is a rate sheet?
  • Negotiate!

Get in touch with the Lawve-ly people and businesses you met:

Megan Porth, Owner & Managing Attorney
Your Contract Shop
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: @yourcontractshop

Emily LaRusch, CEO & Founder
Back Office Betties
Email: [email protected]

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