Share the Law-ve | Episode 008: Maintain Sanity While Growing Your Firm

As your law firm grows, more and more customers will avail of your service. Not only does this bring you additional revenue, but also additional work, and ultimately stress. Back in the day, work-life balance while growing your firm is impossible. However, in today’s technology-driven environment, it’s now all possible.

Julia Shapiro is the founder & CEO of Hire an Esquire. Hire an Esquire connects law firms and in-house legal departments with a vetted network of top attorneys via an online marketplace platform. Their technology-enabled model helps law practices of all sizes from solos to the AMLaw 200 and Fortune 500 legal departments meet their business cycle demands—on demand

In this episode:

  • What does Hire An Esquire do
  • What caused Julia to start the business
  • Some of the things that help predict success
  • How to maintain a better work-life balance while growing your firm
  • Trends in remote working

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Share the Law-ve | Episode 007: Dan Jaffe’s Journey from Lawyer to Entrepreneur

Our guest for this week is a great example of someone who went from being a lawyer to an entrepreneur.

Dan Jaffe is the CEO of LawLytics –  a leading website marketing system for lawyers who want more clients without wasting time or money. Before establishing Lawlytics, Dan built an online legal directory while practicing law. The directory rapidly grew and began generating significant business for attorneys in almost every state, making Dan focus on legal marketing technology full-time. In 2010 the directory was acquired by a major internet company.

In this episode:

  • Dan’s business before LawLytics
  • Hardest thing transitioning from being a lawyer to running a business
  • Story of how Richard Lawson invested in LawLytics
  • How LawLytics work
  • Dan’s holistic approach to content strategy

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Share the Law-ve | Episode 006: Top Security Mistakes Your Firm is Making

As time goes by, more and more law firms are now moving into the cloud. Add in some state bar rules to the mix and it’s much harder to keep up! Thankfully we have people like Beits Livneh, President of Legal Technology Solutions – an IT firm that specializes in helping legal professionals take advantage of technology.

Beits’ background is full of colors and one hell of an example of The American Dream. His background is from the Israeli military in intelligence and risked everything to chase his dream in the U.S. With $300 in his pocket upon arriving, he strived and 17 years later, his business is the number 1 IT firm in Arizona.

In this episode:

  • Is the cloud much secure than the old way
  • Is GSuite more secure than Gmail
  • How Google makes money from you
  • Is it better to store data on practice management software like Clio

Beits’ Special Offer:

FREE Network & Security Assessment –

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Beits Livneh, President
Legal Technology Solutions
PHONE: 480-614-4227
WEB: www.LegalTechnolgy.Solutions

Share the Law-ve | Episode 005: KORE Bookkeeping Solutions Closing the Books on 2017

It’s the time of the year to get your books in order! Are your books up to date? In this episode, we are speaking with Mark Khazanovich and Inna Korenzvit of KORE Bookkeeping Solutions.  KORE  was selected by Intuit as one of the finalists for the ‘Firm of the Future’ and provides financial clarity and insights to businesses by managing their day-to-day accounting.


They are here to empower law firms to make better business decisions based on numbers and not on gut reactions.

In this episode:

  • Things to do before the end of the year to get your books in order
  • What are the right things that you should buy to minimize your tax liability
  • Do we need to get a new W9 every year?
  • How would you know if a firm is the right fit for you?
  • Why is everyone moving to the cloud?

KORE’s Special Offer:

Complimentary Financial Health Assessment valued at $250  to anyone who mentions they saw KORE on the Share the Law-ve podcast.

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Mark Khazanovich, Director of Operations
KORE Bookkeeping Solutions

Inna Korenzvit, Founder, CEO, Principal Bookkeeper
KORE Bookkeeping Solutions

PHONE: (480) 818-KORE (5673)

Share the Law-ve | Episode 004 – The Secret to Finding A Players

How do you find and attract A players to your team? It all starts with recruiting and Ryan Englin, CEO of Core Matters, LLC is sharing what most of us are doing wrong. Download Ryan’s 10 Steps to Finding, Attracting and Retaining the Right People.

In this episode:

  • Why we should treat hiring like dating
  • Creating recruiting systems that work
  • Is there a magic formula for picking the right job boards?
  • Why you should always have a player  sitting on the bench

Get in touch with the Lawve-ly people and businesses you met:

Ryan Englin, CEO
Core Matters, LLC

Emily LaRusch, CEO & Founder
Back Office Betties

Share the Law-ve | Episode 003 – Gifting as a Law Firm Marketing Strategy

Tyler Cadwell is the CEO of Everything Etched and we are discussing John Ruhlin’s Book, Giftology. Tyler is sharing the secrets and rules to master gifting as a part of your marketing strategy with you gifting ideas for any budget.

In this Episode

  • Why gift cards are a terrible idea
  • If your logo is on it, it’s not a gift
  • Gift ideas for every budget and every client

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Tyler Cadwell,
CEO Everything Etched


Instagram: @everything_etched

Twitter: @EvrythngEtched

Emily LaRusch,
CEO & Founder Back Office Betties

Twitter: @CallBetties
Facebook: @BackOfficeBetties

Share the Law-ve | Episode 001 Stop the Billable Hour Insanity

The Reign of the Billable Hour is Over! On this episode of Share The Law-ve, Emily LaRusch, CEO of virtual receptionist firm Back Office Betties sits down with Megan Porth to talk about shaking up the billable hour model. Megan took a hard look at the existing law firm business model and refused to be a typical billable hours attorney by saying “This doesn’t work for me!”  She is the founder of Your Contract Shop, a boutique law firm that is on a mission to “create a world where individuals and business owners get the legal advice they need quickly, easily and affordably.”

Megan shares her story of breaking stride with the legal business ‘status quo’ and following her big idea to change how we view Attorney/Client interaction, billing, and much more.

Click here to check our Pricing.

In this episode:

How Megan Porth started her own business and stayed motivated. Shaking up the way we think about client billing.

  • Hourly billing is antiquated
  • Should you be focusing on scope of work?
  • Should attorney’s charge for consultations?
  • What should consumers look for when hiring an attorney?
  • Tips for Clients on finding the best attorney and the best rates for your needs
  • What is a rate sheet?
  • Negotiate!

Get in touch with the Lawve-ly people and businesses you met:

Megan Porth, Owner & Managing Attorney
Your Contract Shop
Facebook: @yourcontractshop

Emily LaRusch, CEO & Founder
Back Office Betties

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