Share the Law-ve Podcast

Share the Law-ve | Episode 014: Web Design Interview Questions You Aren’t Asking

 In today’s world, web designers are everywhere, and…

Share the Law-ve | Episode 013: Getting Hip with HIPAA

 Kevin McLellan of HIPAA Clarity shares what it takes to…

Share the Law-ve | Episode 012: The Trend Not to Follow

 There is a growing trend of mediums on how to create value…

Share the Law-ve | Episode 011: Sales secrets for Law Firms

 Like any other professional service type of business,…

Share the Law-ve | Episode 010: Creating an Amazing Company Culture

 Creating a company culture is a key ingredient of any…

Share the Law-ve | Episode 009: Becoming a Numbers Ninja

 “You have to know your numbers!” - That’s one of…

Share the Law-ve | Episode 008: Maintain Sanity While Growing Your Firm

 As your law firm grows, more and more customers will avail…

Share the Law-ve | Episode 007: Dan Jaffe’s Journey from Lawyer to Entrepreneur

 Our guest for this week is a great example of someone who…

Share the Law-ve | Episode 006: Top Security Mistakes Your Firm is Making

 As time goes by, more and more law firms are now moving…

Share the Law-ve | Episode 005: KORE Bookkeeping Solutions Closing the Books on 2017

 It’s the time of the year to get your books in order!…

Share the Law-ve | Episode 004 – The Secret to Finding A Players

 How do you find and attract A players to your team? It all…

Share the Law-ve | Episode 003 – Gifting as a Law Firm Marketing Strategy

Tyler Cadwell, CEO of Everything Etched, is sharing the secrets and rules to master gifting as a part of your marketing strategy.
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