Create Efficiency in Your Firm – Interview with Firm Focus

Improve efficiency. Minimize distractions. Cut out interruptions.

Attorneys and business owners are always told to do these things, but often there is often no concrete advice on how to do them.

Firm Focus founder coaches firms on just that

We recently spoke with Sarah Tetlow, founder of Firm Focus LLC, about the struggles that attorneys face in their day to day and how she helps them to efficiently manage their cases and projects. This is not something widely taught in this profession, and the stress of constantly reacting, rather than organizing and being proactive, causes a massive decline in effectiveness. Sarah was quoted by Attorney at Work, stating, “The partners are feeling the reactive needs of their clients every single day. That trickles down. There’s a lot of stress, anxiety, frustration. It’s Groundhog Day every day.”

Firm Focus offers different levels of support and consulting to really dive into what needs to change in order to maximize attorneys’ time and streamline their work. Sarah helps law firms of all sizes up their productivity and efficiency by coaching associates on minimizing external interruptions and better managing their projects. Throughout her career, she has witnessed associates struggle in these aspects, propelling Sarah to create solutions-based programs that help top performers do what they do best – with added processes to keep them organized and efficient.

Tools to implement

In our conversation with Sarah, she recommended two of her top tools that help attorneys stay organized and focused. Smokeball, a legal practice management software that automatically records your time and activity, is one of her favorites. Case management is an obvious way to streamline your work and optimize time, but her other recommendation may not be so obvious. “You know those nagging To-Do items that are top of mind at bedtime? Dump them into Todoist and get them out of your brain,” says Sarah. Todoist is a simple to use tool that lets you unload your nagging thoughts in a prioritized and virtual list that you can update at any time.

Do you struggle with being efficient and organized? Let us know what tools you use to combat it!