Practice Management

Finances & Bookkeeping (for Small Law Firms)

8 Essential Tips to Manage Small Law Firm Finances & Bookkeeping

Finances and bookkeeping may not be the most exciting…
Law Firms without Live Chat Are Missing Out on Potential Clients

Live Chat for Law Firms: Do Attorneys Need It?

The legal landscape is becoming increasingly digital… and…

Attorneys: Stop Doing These 9 Things on the Phone

  Attention all attorneys! We need to talk about…

Unhappy Employees Are Costing Your Law Firm Money & Clients

Unhappy employees are costing you money and losing you sales.…
How to Save Time and Sanity by Screening Leads

Stop Wasting Your Time on Bad Leads

  How Most Attorneys Look for Leads In a perfect world,…
Maintaining Mental Health For Attorneys

The Importance of Mental Health for Attorneys

  Mental health is an important part of any profession,…
How to Keep Your Passion for Practicing Law

Why Attorneys Lose Their Passion — And How To Get It Back

No one goes to law school out of a deep love of paperwork (no,…
How to Make Remote Work Work for You

Attorneys — and Their Clients! — Want to Work Remotely

The pandemic, and the resulting move into the home for many…
Make a Difference Doing what you love

Turning Passion into Practice

Would you quit a job you enjoy to start a new venture you’re…
How to Outsource Work for Affordable Growth and Outside Expertise

One Action That Can Free Your Firm From a Plateau

Are you the kind of executive that wants to "do it all"? Me…
Why Hire a CFO? Here's what we learned

3 Most Shocking Things I Learned After Hiring a Fractional CFO

Being the chief executive of Back Office Betties, a legal receptionist…
How to Attract Your Ideal Clients with Authenticity

The Importance of Being Yourself in a Solo Practice

Elisabeth Pickle is the founder of The Mindful Counsel, a boutique…
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