Why Your Company Culture Matters

Why Company Culture MattersYour company culture is a big deal – it’s the actual backbone of your company. A bad one and your business will be in pain, struggling to keep itself ahead. A good one and you’ll be running metaphorical marathons, way ahead of the competition. Why? Because good company culture makes for happier employees and happy employees do better work.

What exactly is company culture?

Company culture can be defined as a set of shared values, goals, attitudes and practices that characterize an organization.

However, it goes so much deeper than this general definition. Anyone you ask will have their own definition of company culture. The measure of company culture varies widely from place to place. But in the end, your employees are the ones who will give you the most insight into what your culture actually is.

We like to think that company culture is a representation of how you nourish your employees. Everything you do for your employees directly relates to their retention, respect for the company, willingness to be flexible, and the impression they leave on your clients. That leaves the question: What do your employees value and what shows them that they’re important to you? Do you offer special benefits, aside from health insurance and PTO? Are you open to criticism? Can employees come to you with new ideas or is everything your way or the highway? It must be clear to your employees that they are valued and important to your business’ success through how you speak to them, how they are managed, and the workload itself. Otherwise, what is the point of the work they do?

Why is all of this important?

If you find yourself constantly struggling to hire and retain employees, your company culture may be to blame. According to FastCompany, more than two-thirds of applicants want to know what the company’s culture is like over anything else when making a career change. That is pretty significant! But when you really think about it, it’s understandable. Who wants to stick around somewhere where they feel undervalued?

In addition, employees who feel there is a lack of respect among colleagues are 26% more likely to quit their job. Cultivating an environment where employees admire and respect each other is one key to good culture. This applies to the entire team, from CEO down. Employees who don’t like their boss are 4 times more likely to find a new job. On the other hand, 60% of employees would rather work with a boss they love for a 50% pay cut than work for a boss they hate at a higher salary.

Not only is turnover expensive, but it also negatively affects your level of customer service. The head of customer and employee success over at JustWorks states that “the best way to support customer happiness is actually to ensure employee happiness first.” He goes on to talk about the correlation of happy employees and higher Net Promoter Scores – the score that gauges how likely someone is to recommend a product or service. To have happy customers, you need happy employees.

Take a look at Google

Google is widely known as an amazing company to work for, as shown here by their ratings on Glassdoor. The reason behind their being such a great company to work for comes down to the culture they promote within. Flexibility, fun, trust, and collaboration are all keys to their company culture and allow employees to feel heard, respected, and valued. The CEO eats lunch in the same room as the rest of the employees. They also offer fun perks like nap pods and free snacks and employees are encouraged to work when and how they want. Employees want to be there and they want to contribute. Ideas flow and work gets done because every member of the Google staff is treated as an equal and important part of their business.

You don’t need to believe us, though. A research team from the University of Warwick explained that “Companies like Google have invested more in employee support and employee satisfaction has risen as a result. For Google, it rose by 37%; they know what they are talking about. Under scientifically controlled conditions, making workers happier really pays off.”

An example of poor company culture

On the other hand, you may have heard about the recent issues with poor company culture at luxury luggage brand, Away. A controlling CEO, lack of independence & privacy, and reduction of benefits all led to extremely low morale and eventually, the CEO stepping down due to backlash from employee unhappiness. Employees were required to make all communications public to the entire team, time off was taken away under the guise of motivation, and the CEO was known to use harsh language to berate staff in front of everyone else. Fear of making a mistake or saying the wrong thing was at the forefront of the staff’s minds. Constant fear of criticism leads to decreased productivity. Decreased productivity leads to reprimanding employees. The cycle is vicious and employees simply do not last at Away. If the business hopes to retain its employees and ultimately succeed, there is work to be done on their culture.


Core ccomapny values as related to company culture

Back Office Betties company culture

Emily (CEO & Founder), being the customer service and culture queen that she is, puts both of these aspects of business above all else. In fact, she views both as symbiotic. You can’t have one without the other! Some of the most important aspects towards achieving the great company culture at Back Office Betties are:

  • The use of Culture Index in hiring to ensure that the position someone is hired for is the right fit for their personality type
  • Availability and accessibility of management for discussion of concerns, ideas, and day-to-day chit chat
  • Thoughtful compensation plans and benefit packages, including generous PTO
  • Twice yearly wellness days where we give each employee an extra day off and the gift of pampering
  • Granting “Wishes” for birthdays and going above and beyond or meeting a goal
  • Anonymous OfficeVibe surveys every week to determine receptionist happiness and areas of opportunity
  • Remote work – Every staff member of Back Office Betties works from the comfort of their own home!
  • Team chat that provides means of easy communication and community between team members
  • Team get-togethers in all three of the states our employees live

As you can see, we take our employee happiness extremely seriously. This is not necessarily a complete list but you get the picture. It’s no secret that we love customer service and we’ve learned that a smiling staff is key to delivering! Our receptionist happiness goal is to always be above 9/10 and we hit it nearly every time.

How can you improve your company culture?

If you’ve noticed that your employees could be happier or aren’t performing to the degree you know they’re capable of, consider making some changes. Improving the company culture of your law firm doesn’t require extreme measures. No need to add the expenses of an in-house kitchen like Google right off the bat! Start small.

  • Establish your core values and implement policies that positively enforce them. Involve the whole team in this for best results.
  • Set the example for your company’s core values
  • Smile more in passing
  • Open your office to allow dialogue
  • Create a space that your staff is happy to walk into each morning. If you can’t do that, consider offering remote work opportunities to your highest performers
  • Offer small snacks in the break room
  • Send an anonymous survey to your staff regarding what may help them to feel more valued
  • Give praise when you recognize great work
  • Take some work off of their plate. Allowing burnout is like taking a hammer to your company culture.
  • Be human! Apologize when you are wrong, say thank you when appropriate, and relate to your staff on a personal level

Implementing some of the above is a great first step to getting your team back on track. Once you are able, add in some perks or update your benefits package. Create a reward system for positive reinforcement. You will see increased productivity and a fantastic general shift in work environment!

Have comments to add? What do you do to enforce a good company culture? Let us know!

What We Learned From a Bomb Threat

What we learned from a bomb threat

Bomb threat. Such a scary phrase, but also one that doesn’t feel quite real. You hear about bomb threats, sure, but it’s not often you are in the middle of one.

A few days ago, one of our receptionists answered a call for a client with multiple locations within the U.S. The caller told our receptionist that he had a bomb set to go off at our client’s location. We take threats extremely seriously at Back Office Betties due to Emily’s experience with violence in an attorney’s office and the increased risk of violence towards attorneys, so our receptionist was quick to take action.

Real-Life Experience with Violence Towards Lawyers

Emily, our Founder and CEO, was made aware of the bomb threat situation and immediately flashed back to her experience in 2005. Around lunchtime on that January 24th, Emily became witness to a murder-suicide in the law firm she worked at. As she heated up her lunch in the second-floor break room, Emily was blissfully unaware of the way her life was about to change. The receptionist came flying up the stairs, the words “Get out!” jumping off her lips. She frantically ushered people towards the exit at the back of the building. They’d had fire drills before, so Emily stood by and waited for her lunch to finish before she would leave. The words “gunman… in the building” interrupted her thoughts. With no frame of reference for this type of situation, time stood still. It felt as if it took several minutes for these words to sink in. Once they did, Emily passed her cubicle, grabbed her purse, and joined her coworkers down the back stairwell.

The group watched as police surrounded the building, attempting to trap a gunman. A gunman who had just walked right in and shot one of their beloved attorneys. As they stood by, the armed man realized he would never make it out and turned his gun upon himself. The attorney who was slain had a child on the way and they later learned that the person who killed him was his own father in law. In one day, a young mother lost her husband and her father, by the same hand.

After this experience, the importance of policies and procedures for this kind of thing became apparent to Emily. Blissful ignorance of the ugliness of the world had been lost forever. It’s best to be prepared, regardless of the likelihood of a threat and there is no time to waste in trying to determine the validity.

Reacting Swiftly to Threats of Violence

When the receptionist realized she was handling a threat this week, she immediately alerted her manager. This manager listened in on the call while attempting to reach our client, urging them to call 911. It was near impossible to know who to call due to this client having locations all over the United States – the exact location being threatened was unknown. However, once it was clear that we were unable to make contact with the client, our manager contacted her local 911 and they directed us to the FBI.

Eventually, the caller made his location known and the FBI was able to contact the proper local authorities and deescalate the threat. Whew! What a whirlwind.

Though our team handled it well, this event revealed that our process to handle threats wasn’t quite perfect. The employees at Back Office Betties had not dealt with a true threat of this nature before. We’ve since done a little more research and now have trainings in place for every member of our team.

Regardless of incomplete training, our manager and receptionist perfectly exhibited one of our Bettieisms: Resourcefulness. They acted professionally, kept the caller on the line, and went through all of the proper channels in the background.Bomb threat towards lawyer risk evaluation

What We Learned From The Bomb Threat

  1. We have an amazing team that knows how to think on their feet.
  2. It’s important to have policies and procedures in place for any kind of potential threat.
  3. Our clients need to have their own safety policies and procedures in place.
  4. There are different levels of bomb threats, from low risk to high risk.
  5. Every threat towards an attorney should be taken seriously until proved otherwise.
  6. Calling 911 only works locally – it’s important to call the nonemergency line local to our client and let them patch us over.
  7. Threats of violence are scary, even if they turn out to be a false alarm.

Resources to Keep on Hand in Case of Bomb Threats

In the event your firm ever has to experience a threat of this nature, we’ve compiled some helpful resources. You can never be too prepared!

Page 2 of this USDA procedure sheet offers a checklist for bomb threats by phone.

This Department of Homeland Security brochure covers proper procedures and a threat assessment.

This article goes over some steps to identify potential issue clients and offers ways to protect yourself.


Do you have anything to add on this topic? Leave us a comment or send us a message on Facebook.

Making Customer Service a Priority Only Boosts Your Law Firm’s Success

Customer Service Should Be Your Top Priority

There’s no dancing around it – with the internet at our fingertips, we can easily find multiple sources to provide any given service for us anytime we need. This can make it difficult to stand out among your competitors. But all of the marketing campaigns and advertising dollars spent mean absolutely nothing if you can’t deliver an experience unlike the rest! In an age of quick service and automation, people are feeling an increased need to be heard. They are missing that personalized service that goes above and beyond – so let’s do what we can to bring it back! You’ll be the most popular attorney in town after implementing these tips.

Focusing on top-notch customer service is the key to landing and retaining clients for your law firm.

Let’s face it. There are only so many practice areas for attorneys. Once each of those is filled in a geographic region, there needs to be a reason for a potential client to choose one estate planning (or criminal law or family law… you get the point) attorney over the other. This is where top-notch service comes in! Your clients will almost always gravitate towards the person who makes them feel the most comfortable with their case, keeps them informed, and speaks to them at a human to human level.

How can I improve the customer service my law firm provides?

We’ve talked before about the number one bar complaint being a failure to communicate. The first place to start when upping your customer service ante is by making sure that you are keeping your client in the loop with every step! Received their inquiry on your service? Automate an email to let them know what to expect from your firm. Completed their client intake? Send them an email with a recap and timeline of the next events. Working on their documents? Have your assistant reach out to let them know about their progress and when they will hear from you next. Communicate every detail so that your clients understand the (sometimes) scary legal processes. Not only does this make them more comfortable with you, but this will also save you time and headache later when they aren’t blowing up your phones for answers!

Take your communication one step further.

A large part of customer service is proving that your clients can trust you. To do this, you need to go over the top with communication, organization, and professionalism. Do you answer the phone with “Hello?” or is it more like “Thank you for calling XX Law Office, how can I assist you?” Answer this: Which one would you be more likely to trust?

Set a process in place that everyone who answers the phone must follow. We call this a Call Flow Blueprint and create one for every law firm we work with. Start by asking yourself the following questions, then put them all down to paper.

  • What types of calls would you like immediately transferred to your office?
  • How soon will you handle client messages?
  • Can your receptionist relay quick details on their case to provide the client with some instant gratification?
  • What about a timeline process that you follow so that your clients can know exactly what stage they are in and what to expect going forward?
  • Is your payment schedule easy to understand?
  • How do you handle scheduling for potential new clients? What about follow up appointments for existing clients?

It’s a lot of work to keep your organization in check and instill trust through your communication. But your clients will thank you for it, and to be honest, so will your bank account!

Okay, so now you’re being sure to communicate. What can you do past that?

A law firm isn’t a fruity place where you can offer cucumber mint water in the waiting room. Or is it? Nobody wants to need your service. If anything, they hope to avoid needing to speak to a lawyer forever! Sorry to say it but you are right there with the dreaded auto mechanic – people don’t want to have to need you. Since they do need your service and are probably unhappy about it, the least you can do is make it a more enjoyable place to spend an afternoon. Pull out the cucumber mint water, set a cookie tray on the coffee table, keep the magazine stack updated, and have some enjoyable music playing in the waiting room. Do what you can to make your clients feel better about needing you before they even step into your office.

The most important step to stellar customer service in your law firm.

Alright, so now you’re communicating and you’ve freshened up the waiting room to your office. What’s left to create a stellar experience for your clients and potential clients?

Relentless Friendliness

If there is one thing that stands out more than anything in customer service, it is being friendly and polite. Someone can be quick to forget that you made a mistake or didn’t follow up with them but they will never forget that you were rude or short – on the phone, in person, or especially in a curt email. We all know the world isn’t always kind. Negativity spreads like wildfire through social media and it is the fastest way to get bad press for your firm.

Stand out instead by:

  • owning up to your mistakes
  • asking for documents or needed information nicely
  • apologizing when you are wrong
  • smiling when you speak
  • checking to be sure that your wording is coming across as friendly as possible

You want to be professional but you also want your clients to view you as someone on their side. Being friendly, compassionate, and understanding is the first step to doing so!


Feeling inspired by this post? Make one little change to your law firm today that pushes your customer service over the edge!

If you’re ready to truly wow your customers with impeccable customer service at the hands of relentlessly friendly virtual receptionists, sign up for a one-week free trial. Your clients will definitely notice the difference!

How to Have a Stress-Free Holiday Season Without Losing Business

Stress Free Holiday Season

The holidays are a joyous time to spend with your family. Whether that means intimate time with only your immediate family or an elaborate gathering of the entire extended crew, you want to be present and enjoy yourself, right? As an in-demand attorney with cases that don’t wait and callers who don’t quit, it may be hard to get that time away that you (and your family) crave. So what do you do?

Automate Everything in Your Law Firm That You Can

The key to being able to step away from your firm when you need a well-deserved break is automation! When I say automate your law firm, I don’t mean that you need to have a robot set up to push buttons and auto-reply emails. Automation is simply having a system in place that allows you to not have to continuously do the work. This can mean robots, or it can also be a system that triggers humans to act on a task.

What Can I Automate in My Firm During the Holidays?

The answer to this one is easy! Any and everything. Whether it’s having your emails answered, your phones picked up, appointments scheduled, forms filled out, the office cleaned, payments processed…set it and forget it. At least, until the holidays are over and your family is ready to send you back to the office!

Automation doesn’t have to stop with the holidays, however. So many tools are meant for long term use and can help you to save time and make more money all year round. If your family wants to see more of you all year, make it possible by investing in systems that allow you to focus on the work that only you can do. Support work doesn’t have to be your job, too.

Our Favorite Tools to Automate Your Law Firm

The following list is not a complete list of what’s available to you when looking to automate your law firm, but it is definitely a great start. We chose some of our favorite ways to help you relax a little more and get some quality time in with the family. So long to being glued to your desk during the holidays – unless that’s where you prefer to be!

Robot at computer

Client Facing Tools

Clio Grow – Your very first step to automation is going to be investing in a software that handles your clients and their information. Starting out with a CRM like Clio Grow will set you up on a path to success (and a whole lot less paper shuffling). CRMs such as this one manage your clients from intake to court. This allows for a one-time setup of tasks and required paperwork, then every new piece of information will trigger the next step. The steps can function on their own with templates or you can assign certain parts to different members of your team, such as the initial phone conversation.

The biggest benefit to an automated system such as Clio Grow is that you can automate all of your client forms. Need them to fill out an intake form? Clio Grow will send them their customized form at the click of the button, then trigger the next actions after they return it. Fee agreements? Clio Grow starts with a template and inputs all of the required information based on case type and client intake forms, then will send it out on your behalf. Once signed, the client can send it back and trigger the next step in your process.

Zendesk or Freshdesk- Communication is an important part of your clients’ experience. You want them to know you understand their problem and you are working to fix it. Clearly going dark over the holidays isn’t going to work – your clients may riot. Instead, manage all communications in a platform such as Zendesk or Freshdesk that allows all emails, social media, and chat to be located in the same place. You can set up templates that reply to specific questions and automatically assign specific inquiries and communications to other team members.

Scheduling Tools

Acuity – Scheduling can be a nightmare with lots of back and forth emails trying to match up your availability to your clients’. Remove all of that with Acuity and in turn, gain some freedom. You can adjust your availability 24/7 and only show your clients the calendars you want them to see. Acuity also helps with client intake as you can set specific questions they must answer at booking – no follow-up call needed. Acuity will also automatically add your scheduled client’s appointment to all of your calendars and will allow them to pay any fees right then and there.

Social Media Tools

Facebook Publishing Tools – If you regularly post on social media to keep client traffic up, schedule all of your posts! This is an amazing way to free up time ALL of the time, not just over the holidays. When you sit down and create a calendar of content to post (which you should be doing for ultimate productivity), add on half an hour or delegate an assistant to schedule them. Yet another set it and forget it – and an easy one at that!

Postfity – Along the same lines as Facebook scheduling, Postfity is a tool that allows you to schedule LinkedIn posts. It’s free and easy to use – link your account and schedule out your next few weeks’ worth of content. While Postfity does not work to post articles, you can write and draft all of your upcoming articles in LinkedIn, then hit publish when you’re ready. LinkedIn is a hot marketing tool for professionals so if you’re not using it yet, be sure to start!

Do It All Tools (Plus Easy Setup)

Back Office Betties – You already know we have to toot our own horn here – we are the ultimate vacation tool. There are no contracts so you are free to utilize us as you please, even if that means just for the holidays. Our Client Concierge walks you through a seamless process that keeps you free to enjoy your yams and pecan pie. We’re known for answering the phones, sure, but did you know that we also offer Virtual Assistant services and scheduling? Think of the Betties as your team that can be there, even when your firm is closed. Every message will be waiting for you, appointments scheduled, and intakes done. We can even accept payments and make case update calls to your clients. Step in and out of your firm like you own the place. Hint: you do ;)!

Unsure if Back Office Betties can really take that much off your plate? Give us a try for 7 days – FREE. No gimmick, no credit cards. Just allow us the pleasure of helping you help your clients, even if it’s while you sit on your couch.


How to Start Your Law Blog

Law Blog

Blogging has been around for quite a while but it feels like it’s starting to gain more traction all over again. If you haven’t jumped on the blogging train yet, you’ve probably at least read your fair share of blogs. I mean, you are reading this one right now, right?

Blogs can be many things, from a recipe source to a guide on the latest fashions. When done properly, they are a hot resource for quick and digestible information.

So why should you consider starting one as a lawyer?

Blogs make you visible.

By starting a law blog, not only are you getting yourself out there to provide value to your potential clients, you’re boosting your website’s presence on Google – the king of search engines.

But why should I provide value to my potential clients for free?

By giving value to your potential clients for free, you’re allowing them to get to know, like, and trust you. They can then implement a tip you’ve given and say, “Oh hey, that attorney’s advice worked for me!” which will keep them coming back for more.

How does blogging help me get visible on Google?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) boosts your website by pulling keywords from your website’s text and listing your site pages under relevant keyword searches. If you blog about fighting speeding tickets in Minneapolis, your post will appear in searches that people make about how to fight a speeding ticket in Minneapolis.

How to start your law blog:

  1. Start with your website. Which platform do you use? With WordPress, it is insanely easy to start your blog because it is likely already built into your theme. You’ll simply create “Posts” when you’re ready to make a new blog entry. If you notice that your posts don’t look nicely formatted, you may want to speak with your developer to set that up. If you used a ready-made theme to set up your website, this should not be a problem as blog post formats are built into most themes. Also, be sure that your website’s menu shows your blog page so people can find it easily when they visit your site. Don’t have a website yet? You need to create one! This is your best tool for finding clients and a necessity for your law blog.
  2. Get to writing! You have all kinds of knowledge and experience. Share it! Writing blog posts doesn’t have to be excruciating. Make a list of topics you want to cover, pick one, and start vomiting every thought you have about it onto your keyboard. Editing can happen later – just get your thoughts onto the screen!
  3. Look at your formatting. Do you have photos in your post? What about headers and other formatted text to break things up? You do not want your posts to look intimidating to read – people will skip right over them. Bold your keywords, add relevant photos (be sure to add a Featured Photo, too!), and break your lines up so that the content is skimmable.
  4. Check on your SEO. Your blog is most useful in attracting potential clients when it can be easily found, right? Make sure to use relevant keywords throughout your post, add inbound/outbound links, and keep your text easy to follow. For added help, you can download the Yoast plugin to your WordPress site and it will guide you in best practices that will help boost you in search results on Google.
  5. Launch your blog! Now that you’ve written, formatted, and SEO-ified your first post, it’s time to launch! You don’t need a lot of content on your blog before going public with it. Get eyes on your content right away and if they like what you’ve written, it will keep them coming back for more. To do so, announce your blog on your firm’s social platforms, LinkedIn, and even your personal platforms. Encourage your followers to like and share.
  6. Keep it up. Don’t write one post and bail on your blog. Your website loves the boost of content & the added keyword searches you’ll show up in, plus your potential clients are hungry for your knowledge. Stick to a schedule and continue pumping out the value that people are searching for.

Now go for it!

Hopefully this information has given you the gusto to actually start your law blog and give your potential clients some insight into what you’re knowledgable on. So now that you’ve read what you need to do, it’s time to actually do it! Sit down at your computer and let the (word) vomit fly.

Do you currently have a law blog? What are your favorite topics to cover in it? Let us know.

When Should You be Outsourcing?

When should you be outsourcing?

A small business owner cannot do it all. Whether you have employees on staff or not, outsourcing is an eventual must. But how do you know when it’s time, or even what you should be outsourcing?

If you are feeling that you are not able to focus on daily tasks within the scope of your profession – it’s time. If there are certain tasks you absolutely dread or that interrupt your day many times – it’s time. If your staff is spending too much time doing busy work or answering phones – it’s time.

What should I be outsourcing?

Anything that can be done on a computer or phone can be outsourced. The real question is: What is your current biggest time-suck? Look at where most of your time is going – do you have to be the one doing that? Is it worth paying an employee to do it? Or would you prefer to outsource at a lower cost?

Outsourcing incoming calls has increased in popularity for small business owners. The key for growth is cutting costs in some areas, to redistribute them to other extents. Thus, causing more revenue to your business.  According to The Staffing Stream, successful small business owners that outsource discovered that they can save 50% on their budget overall.  They also found that they did not lose any quality on the work. Which brings up a good question, am I actually posting this right now? Or did I just outsource my social media presence?

Benefits of outsourcing

One benefit to outsourcing is having fewer employees to manage yourself. You do not have to deal with finding coverage for sick days and planned time off. Having an outsourcing partner ensures you will always have a team of ready and capable workers.

Outsourcing also increases productivity, going hand in hand with more work being done for a lesser cost.

Do some introspecting

Are you getting caught up in taking calls, checking messages, and scheduling? These are all distractions that prevent you from performing your job efficiently. Challenge yourself and take the time this week to evaluate your daily phone operations. Add up the minutes and enlighten yourself about how much time you could be saving throughout the week and further investing in your business.

If you realize you need help in this department, let us know! We will give you a free 7 day trial so you can feel the benefits before committing.

Upholding Integrity

With so many stigmas surrounding lawyers and their ethics (or lack thereof) it is extremely important that law firms create and maintain integrity. With this month being March Madness, we can compare integrity to basketball.  When the image of the NBA was suffering due to poor off-court behavior, it was athletes like Larry Bird and Julius Erving that saved the NBA.  They exhibited being virtuous role models in the league.     

Instead of investing time and energy into creating an image of perfection…. invest in your employees, promote honesty, and walk the walk.  Conscious capitalism is on the rise, which means people are more concerned with companies that have strong core values and less about flashy brands.

Quick Tips

Here are few ways you can create and maintain integrity:

  • Keep your word: Deliver on your promises and commitments… no if, and’s, or buts!
  • Notice your environment: Is your office space organized? Are papers taken care of and filed properly? This speaks volumes about your firm’s integrity. If your office is messy, or if things get lost/misplaced, your clients will notice and not feel safe in your hands.
  • Don’t get distracted: There is always going to be new and exciting things to distract you from your goals/ values. Don’t get caught up in these things, remember what you are here for and who you are serving.
  • Surround yourself with like-minded people: If your values are delivering honesty and integrity, then mingle in crowd with the same values! This includes your employees/ professional partners. If you want an honest business culture, then hire those who reflect those values in their own lives.
  • Respect your employees: Valuing your employees is huge! Lead by example in your firm and see your employees follow in your footsteps.

These principles are important to bring into our professional lives not only because it’s the right thing to do… but also because it’s just smart business practice.

Teamwork: What Every Law Firm Needs

In the spirit of March Madness, we are focusing on teamwork!  There is a lot we can learn from professional basketball teams and their strategies to create a more cohesive unit.

Teamwork Strategies

Here is how you can practically apply basketball teamwork strategies in your law firm:

Have a leader: Every great team must have a leader who is out there on the court with them. Think Steph Curry or Lebron James. Be a servant- leader, who leads by example and inspires others.

Start the day with a huddle: Huddling is not just for sports teams, it applies to any and every type of team. It gets the group ready, prepared, inspired, pumped, and excited to tackle the day.

Practice drills: This strategy is particularly helpful with customer service-related interactions. Practice makes perfect and performing practice drills together can allow for peer to peer constructive criticism making it a great learning experience.

Regularly do team building exercises: For a professional basketball team, just about every exercise is for team building purposes. That is how they become so in-tune with one another. If you want your firm to be more cohesive, to know one another better, and to increase communication; then give them fun activities (not related to work) to complete together. This will help everyone to relax and reveal personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses.

Learn from failed teamwork: Failure is okay! It’s when we don’t learn from it that it becomes a problem. You may face times where you don’t work together and didn’t have the awareness that you hoped for. Maybe more strategy is needed! Take what you learned from your failures and apply it for the future

Working as a team is important in every firm, no matter how big or small. If you want your employees to fit in with your business culture and reflect company goals and values… start with trying some teamwork strategies!

Simplify Your Law Firm

Marie Kondo is on to something with her philosophy to discard anything and everything that does not “Spark Joy.”   It’s a very effective method for tidying up your house!  But, there is some real wisdom to her mantra that can be applied to every aspect of our lives, including in your law firm.

The ‘KonMari’ Method

Here is why Marie Kondo’s philosophy is life changing:

  • It’s simple and offers quick results.  In the ‘KonMari Method’ all tidying should be done comprehensively all at once so clutter can’t be pushed from one place to another. In our businesses when we start to declutter, whether that be literally or figuratively (getting rid of vendors who don’t serve you, employees who just aren’t working, etc.) it should be done all at once.  This is so messes don’t get piled somewhere else becoming a problem for a later date.


  • Teaches you to appreciate what you have. When you are in the decluttering process, you are made aware of all that you have creating a deeper sense of appreciation. It also impacts future behavior patterns. You become aware of what really works for you, and what doesn’t.
  • Sorting by category keeps you from being overwhelmed and disorganized. At times we have so much to declutter and toss out we have no idea where to start. With the KonMari Method, decluttering is done by category.  You do not move on to the next category until the one is finished. It teaches to take things one step at a time and to not get so far ahead of ourselves.

Spring is right around the corner, so in the spirit of regrowth, take time to see how you can declutter your life. Whether that be in personally or professionally… there’s always room positive change and personal growth!

Clio Grow Integration


As many you have already heard from our social media posts, we are now integration partners with Clio Grow! This integration will further streamline the intake process because new leads will be sent straight to your Clio Grow inbox, further alleviating some of the paperwork formerly required for this task.

Why You Should Use Clio Grow

If you are not using Clio Grow, it’s time to get with the program! It does so much more than simply keep you organized, it grows your firm by tracking data, such as potential client progress and key business drivers– which would otherwise be nearly impossible to collect on your own.

Some of the other amazing Clio Grow functions include:

Automated intakes, engagement agreements, and more. Clio Grow helps you automate these emails with templates, email scheduling, customized intake forms, and more!

Quick Intake button. The Quick Intake button is simple and makes adding potential clients into your database super-fast.

Clio Referral Network. The Clio Referral Network gives you access to a community of lawyers who also use the software, making referrals a painless process for when you are at max capacity and can’t take on another client.

And so much more…!

These are only a few of the functions offered by Clio Grow; It truly is a highly advanced and groundbreaking program.  We are excited to be utilizing this to greatly increase the efficiency of your law firm!

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