The Giant List of Tools That Run Back Office Betties (That Can Help Run Your Law Firm Too)

Virtual Tools to Run Your Law Firm

The number of virtual tools you can find online is nearly endless.

It’s hard to sift through everything and find the tools that are worth your time and will actually help run your law firm.

Luckily, we have a full toolbox and we’re going to share everything that helps us run Back Office Betties with you!


  1. Officevibe

Officevibe is an online tool that enables you to keep track of employee morale through anonymous feedback.

You can create custom surveys with polls and text-based questions or use Officevibe’s pre-made templates. Surveys are sent to employees by email and are answered anonymously. For text-based questions, however, you can give your employees the option to answer anonymously or not.

This tool helps management stay aware of employee morale and the effects it has in the workplace. Allowing your team to speak candidly about problems and experiences makes for better employee retention and relations.

Track responses and engagement rates over time, broken down into 10 key metrics. Officevibe also allows you to schedule 1:1s and provides guidance for managers on responding to feedback and growing within their leadership roles.

Pricing: $4/user/month


  1. Snagit

Snagit is a screen capture and recording software.

Snagit is a great tool to create video tutorials and how-tos. You can record your screen and audio or take and edit screenshots. Their editing features include drawing tools, text boxes, arrows, directions, etc. Use their templates to transform your screenshots into step-by-step instructions or manuals.

These features save you time and confusion explaining processes and training new employees. New employees, especially, take in so much information that it’s impossible to remember every detail. Video and image tutorials make it easy for them to go back and review. (And you won’t be interrupted with questions either!)

Pricing: One-time fee of $49.99/user with discounts for more users.


  1. Screencastify

Similar to Snagit, Screencastify is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to record your screen and create instructional videos.

You can record your tab, whole screen, or webcam only. A great feature is the ability to embed your webcam anywhere in the recording. (Hello to your talking head in the corner.) Screencastify also has great annotation tools such as mouse spotlighting, a drawing tool, and click highlighting.

The videos are easy to share and save. Recordings auto-save to your Google Drive, and you can export them as MP4, MP3, or even animated GIF! If you want to upload directly to YouTube, that’s an option too.

Pricing: $0 with a 5-minute recording limit or $49/year for unlimited.


  1. UberConference

UberConference is an online video conferencing software.

UberConference simplifies video conferencing – no pins, passwords, or downloads required! It’s easy to switch between camera and voice only during the call, and individual callers will be highlighted while speaking. You’ll never have to ask, “Who just said that?” again. Screensharing is quick and easy, and settings can be toggled to allow any caller to share.

After meetings end, UberConference provides you with a detailed summary of what happened and a link to the recorded meeting. The summary will include who was on the call, action items, and voice transcriptions of everything said. You can even search through the transcriptions for keywords.

Pricing: $15/month for up to 100 users.


  1. Teramind

Teramind is a computer monitoring software with a multitude of features.

The main purpose of Teramind is to record and collect data from employees’ computers. Teramind also serves as a way to protect private information and put in place restrictions and permissions.

The following are only some of the features that Teramind offers:

  • Monitor Recording – Watch employee’s screens live and access the recordings later.
  • Administrative Access – Take full control of monitored computers at any time. This feature is fantastic for troubleshooting tech problems with your team.
  • Audio Recording – Record audio picked up through the computers’ microphones and listen live or access recordings later.
  • Keyboard Monitoring – All keystrokes and copy/paste operations are logged – including passwords. Use this feature to ensure strong passwords are being used and not repeated.
  • Email Tracking – Save all email information and set up alerts to notify when mail is sent to non-corporate or suspicious hosts.
  • File Transfer Tracking – Track files’ movement through systems and block access to certain folders or locations. This is a first-line defense against data leaks!
  • Printed Document Data – Collect information on printed files and print requests. Set alerts for attempted printing of sensitive data.
  • Productivity Evaluation – Monitor active vs. idle time and create custom productivity indicators. Analyze how your employees’ time is spent by minute-to-minute activity monitoring.
  • Website Monitoring – Create notifications for when entertainment, off-limits, or suspicious websites are accessed.

All of the information tracked and monitored is easy to search through with a variety of metrics.

TLDR? Jump over to Teramind’s webpage detailing Teramind for Legal and Risk Management.

Pricing: $10 – $25/user/month


  1. Coassemble

Coassemble is an online platform designed to create training courses for your employees.

Coassemble lets you easily create online courses for anything you need. Split your courses into sections and add quizzes or checkpoints throughout. Embed videos, images, and audio anywhere you want. And don’t stress too much, you can make updates and changes at any time.

There are 40+ templates to choose from when creating each question or presentation page. Coassemble lets you completely customize your courses to your brand with headers, logos, background colors, and more.

It’s easy for your employees to enroll themselves through a direct link, or you can assign them courses through Coassemble. You’ll have access to all the data you need, including reports showing completion rates as well as grades and checkpoint completion.

Pricing: $399/month for unlimited everything.


  1. Gusto

Gusto is an all-in-one online HR software. Their platform has you covered with everything you need and more. Gusto makes HR easy!

Some of their primary features are:

  • Onboard new employees – Send offer letters and store new hire paperwork. Utilize their e-sign tool and complete the whole process online.
  • Employee Benefits – Employees can enroll in benefits themselves and are walked through the process by Gusto.
  • Time Tracking – Employees can clock in and clock out right from their Gusto account.
  • Run Payroll – Gusto does the math for you.
  • Manage PTO – Enter your PTO policies, and employees can submit PTO requests and view their balances themselves.

Pricing: $39/month plus $12/user/month for the Complete Plan.


  1. Paperform

Paperform is web platform that allows you to create any forms you need with no technical knowledge required.

Paperform has over 22 unique question types and counting. Your forms can be completely customized to your brand just how you want them. In addition to questions, signature boxes, dropdowns, and more, you can insert pictures, videos, and text anywhere on the page.

Don’t want to start from scratch?

Paperform has tons of form templates for everything you can think of. From Purchase Order Forms to Lead Generation Forms, and Referral Forms to Questionnaire Templates, if you need it, they have it.

Forms can be embedded in your website or shared directly with a unique URL. You can use your form to process payments through Stripe, PayPal Business, Braintree, and Square. Paperform even has its own scheduling software that integrates with their forms.

Pricing: $32.50/month when paid annually for their Pro plan.


  1. Design Pickle

Design Pickle is a flat rate custom design and illustration service.

With Design Pickle’s flat-rate plans, you can request unlimited designs with unlimited revisions. All of your requests will land in a queue, and you can rearrange their order at any time. Design Pickle promises a 2-3 day turnaround on all requests. For their Graphic Design Pro plan, they promise same-day delivery.

Create unlimited brand profiles and work with one designated designer who will get to know you and your vision personally. Design Pickle’s clean and simple interface makes it easy to request designs and communicate with your designer.

Pricing: $400/month when paid annually for their basic plans


  1. Acuity

Acuity is an online scheduling system that makes managing your calendar easy.

Acuity offers a highly customizable experience and a clean interface. On the back end, you can organize your appointment types by color and set custom automatic reminders by email and/or text for each appointment. On the front end, your scheduling page can be customized with background colors, and pictures and descriptions linked to your appointments.

Clients can schedule themselves through your customized scheduling link, or by a direct link to each appointment. Your calendar will auto-adjust for time zones, and clients can pay for appointments and add-on’s and fill out paperwork during the scheduling process.

Pricing: $23/month when paid annually


  1. Trello

Trello is a free online collaborative productivity platform.

Trello lets you create boards with lists and cards. Work by yourself on a private board or invite team members to collaborate.

Create a board for your team and assign tasks to each member by creating their own list. You can set a list to ‘watch’ and get notified when changes occur. Each card is customizable with formatting, to-do lists, and pictures. You can also add deadlines and customized labels.

Simply drag and drop cards from one list to another. As a bonus – their mobile app is excellently adapted making it easy to stay on track on the go.

Pricing: Free!


  1. Stripe

Stripe is an API software for customizable payment solutions.

With stripe, you can create easy to navigate payment pages for everything:

  • One-time checkouts
  • Recurring payments or subscriptions
  • Usage-based billing
  • & more

Their software is optimized for any device and carries from one to another seamlessly. Customize invoice templates to match your brand with color choices, and all the fields you need for one-time charges or recurring payments.

Pricing: 2.9% + $.30 per charge.


  1. Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels is an online sales funnel builder.

Clickfunnels will help you build beautiful pages with an easy drag and drop builder that guide your visitors through your website and prevent them from getting lost or leaving. Clickfunnels helps you lead your customers through the sales process by:

  • Introducing your business
  • Demonstrating your services or products
  • Bringing them to a landing page with the information they need to contact you.

Pricing: $99/month


  1. OneDrive

OneDrive is a personal cloud storage system by Microsoft.

Access your files from any device. Your phone, laptop, desktop, tablet, etc. Create shared folders to collaborate with coworkers and avoid zipping and emailing large files. OneDrive will also keep everyone’s files safe in case of unfortunate events such as lost or broken devices.

Pricing: $1.99/month with OneDrive Standalone with 100GB or Included with Microsoft Office.


  1. Sticky Notes App (Microsoft Windows)

The Sticky Notes app on Microsoft Windows is a virtual sticky pad.

It’s simple, and maybe doesn’t sound too exciting, but don’t overlook Sticky Notes! Perfect for taking quick (or long!) notes during a meeting, phone call, or while working on projects. Virtual sticky notes have some advantages over your tried-and-true paper notes.

  • Make them any size you want – 1 or 2 inches to full screen.
  • Tuck them away for later – Closing your note doesn’t delete it. The Sticky Notes app keeps a handy list of all your past notes that you can pull from at any time.
  • Add pictures – Embed pictures right in your note.
  • Easy formatting – Just click to switch to bold, italics, underlined text, strikethrough, or add bulleted lists.
  • Change colors – A great way to keep notes organized is color-coding!

Pricing: Included with Microsoft Windows


  1. DocuSign

DocuSign helps gather signatures in a seamless and secure way, then sends copies of the signed documents to both parties. Easily manage your contacts and client agreements without the hassle of printing, scanning, or faxing.

You can upload your own documents, or you can create new documents and agreements within DocuSign with their templates and brand personalization. With the Business Pro plan, you can also easily accept payments at the time of signing, cutting out yet another step for your clients!

Pricing: $10-40/month


  1. Zoho

With 62 apps total, Zoho has everything you need to run your office.

Zoho organizes those 62 apps into 8 categories:

Sales & Marketing

  • CRM – Everything you need to manage clients and customers.
  • Campaigns – Send marketing emails to your leads and clients.
  • Bookings – An online scheduler that allows clients (or coworkers!) to schedule meetings that integrate with Zoho Calendar.
  • Meeting – Meeting is a video conferencing software that integrates with your Zoho Calendar appointments.

Email & Collaboration

  • All of your office suite apps such as Mail, Writer, Sheet, Docs, and Calendar.
  • Cliq – An online messaging platform that lets you stay in contact and collaborate with your coworkers easily. Create groups by department, project, or simply one on one to streamline communication and keep your team just one chat away.


  • Books – Similar to Quickbooks, Books keeps your finances organized with a clean and easy-to-navigate interface.

Human Resources

  • People – Organize your hiring and onboarding process, track attendance and PTO, and manage your company’s departments.

IT & Help Desk

Customer Service

  • Desk – Organize customer or client conversations and tickets and assign tasks to your team members.

Custom Solutions

Business Intelligence

Zoho has multiple bundle plans, so you can choose the best fit for you.

Pricing: $30/user/month for the all apps included bundle: Zoho One.


  1. Canva

Canva is an online design platform with endless possibilities.

No matter what you need to make, you can make it with Canva. There are over 420,000 templates to choose from, in a multitude of genres:

  • Posters
  • Logos
  • Videos
  • Flyers
  • Resumes
  • Business Cards
  • Book Covers
  • Letterhead
  • Invoices
  • Cards
  • T-shirts
  • And even Zoom Virtual Backgrounds!

…to name a few.

Additionally, there are 75+ million stock photos, videos, graphics, and audio to choose from.

Canva has multiple plans, including a free version, and they offer video tutorials to help you through designing for all your needs.

Pricing: $9.99/month for 1 person when billed annually on their Pro plan.


Our toolbox is always growing, and we’re always making renovations to keep Back Office Betties in tip-top shape.

Have a tool you can’t live without? Let us know about it!

Want to take it a step further and start automating your law firm? Download our Money-Making Automations guide here.

How To Find The Time To Make More Money

Make More Money in Your Law Firm, Save More TimeAre you feeling like there just aren’t enough hours in the day? Do you have way too much work on your plate and too many tasks on your to-do list? And most of that work and too many of those tasks aren’t even billable?

It’s not presumptuous to assume so, considering attorneys report that only 31% of the work they do is billable. No wonder you feel so stretched. You’re busy all day but only able to squeeze in a couple of hours of billable work!


Here’s what that looks like:

The average hourly rate for attorneys is $300.

Attorneys record only 2.5 hours of billable work per day on average.

Assuming an 8-hour workday, that’s 5.5 hours or $1,650 lost every day!


Your time is too valuable to give away for free! So how did you end up here, doing just that?

Of course, you know you’re spending too much time doing administrative work, but it still feels like there’s time disappearing into thin air.

The task-switching required to balance this variety of work is a likely culprit.


Task-Switching vs. Multitasking

You multitask every day – you may be multitasking right now. You’ve talked on the phone while driving or listened to an audiobook while making dinner – that’s multitasking. Because multitasking involves doing more than one thing at once, as long as only one (or none) is something that takes specific effort or focus.

When you hear people talk about the benefits of multitasking, keep that in mind.


Task-switching, however, is a wolf in multitasking’s clothing.

Physical things like opening an app, wrapping up work to put on hold, or getting distracted with other things tacks on time between each task.

A study has even shown how people getting sidetracked while task-switching lost 25 minutes of their time by stopping to complete 2.3 other tasks before returning to the original!

But you think you have the willpower to stay on track?

Switching tasks takes 16 seconds on average, and people switch tasks 12 times on average every half hour! That right there is 10% of your time… and you can find it out the window.


There are mental aspects to task-switching as well. Your brain takes time switching gears moving from one set of rules to another. You aren’t immediately engrossed and focused when you sit down to go over a document or fill out paperwork. Getting into a productive state takes time. And repeating this process over and over is so time-consuming, that even short mental blocks can cost as much as 40% of someone’s productive time!

Taking phone calls is a common task-switch that’s worse than many, as you don’t know when the calls are coming.

Your brain is in an anxious state knowing that you could hear a ring at any moment, and won’t let you give your full attention to other work.

Just a couple of unscheduled 5-minute phone calls could take upwards of 2 hours from your day… Considering attorneys’ average hourly rate of $300, you could be spending $600 on something a receptionist could do in 20 minutes!


What Can You Do?

The options to overcome the time-sucking task-switching cycle are few:

  1. Stop working on cases.
  2. Stop doing administrative work.


Of course, you can’t stop working on cases. So, you need some help!

If you could afford the help, you’d already have it, right? Intuitively your brain is telling you that money spent is money lost.

But that’s not the case here.

When you spend $20 an hour paying for someone else to do your administrative work, you will see that $20 gone… But when you spend that hour on billable work yourself, you’ll bring in 10-15x that amount.

And neither you nor your receptionist will watch time disappear due to task-switching.

Of course, hiring in-house isn’t the most cost effective option. Hiring a full-time legal receptionist, for example, would cost you approximately $4,123.60 per month when you factor in employer taxes and benefits. (We did the math.)


Using a virtual legal receptionist service is a great alternative:

  • You will never have to worry if that call that got missed over lunch was your biggest opportunity this year.
  • You’ll rest easy knowing every call you get will be answered, and every potential new client will complete the intake process.
  • You’ll save anywhere from $2,000-$4,000 a month compared to hiring in house.
  • You’ll make more money by doing billable work instead of wasting your time on administrative tasks.
  • You will eliminate the task-switching cycle and take back your time.
  • You’ll take in more clients and scale your firm thanks to the time you got back.


The take-home is: You can’t afford to spend your valuable time losing money when you could be making it; so you can’t afford not to save money by outsourcing your administrative work!

Looking for more ways to save time and make more money? Download our Money-Making Automations E-book.

6 Reasons To Love Back Office Betties (That Happen To Be Why Our Competition Hates Us)

Reasons to love Back Office Betties Virtual Receptionists

There’s a lot to love about Back Office Betties… unless you’re one of our competitors. We’ve been criticized for many of the unique things we do in our business, but those are the exact reasons that small law firms love us. Let’s take a look at a few of them!

Back Office Betties’ Receptionists Work From Home (Even Outside Of A Pandemic)

Working from home has been proven to increase employee morale, productivity, and performance. All of our receptionists have their own quiet, private office spaces eliminating distractions, background noises, and the infamous soul-crushing call center environment. This enables our receptionists to feel and work like receptionists, not phone operators.

Companies that support remote work have a 25% lower employee turnover rate than companies that don’t, and 45% of remote workers have been in the same position for five years or more. Low turnover and longevity in the workplace create a level of expertise that simply cannot be found elsewhere.

Some answering services will claim that it’s not possible to build camaraderie when teams are working remotely, but one of our most common anecdotes from new employees is how much they love the team environment and feel involved in the company.

Quality Assurance

Our receptionists have high standards to attain that many other services might not be able to live up to. We monitor every call taken and regularly meet with our receptionists to review their work and ensure that they meet their performance goals. Being a boutique service enables us to have interpersonal relationships with each receptionist and be invested in their performance.

Not only are our receptionists specialized in legal intake, but our receptionists are also specialized in your firm!

Each law firm that we work with has a small number of receptionists assigned to them, and all of our receptionists complete a training course about your firm’s operations before taking a single call for you. These factors allow our receptionists to become familiar and comfortable with your operations and feel like a part of your team.

Your clients will never be able to tell that they aren’t sitting at the front desk in your office!

Exceptional Employee Benefits

We offer excellent benefits as well as competitive pay and performance bonuses. Attracting and keeping the best talent is always a priority! We incorporate fun perks like wellness days, wish-granting, and team building events into our company culture. We provide ongoing training, professional development, and encourage our employees to be resourceful and have a say in the way we do things.

Many companies will do the minimum and provide the cheapest benefits they can get away with, but fostering relationships with our employees is a priority that helps us attract and maintain the best talent in the industry.

We Send Your Messages in Real-Time

Our receptionists send out each message in real-time immediately upon ending the call.

You won’t be left waiting for hours until 15 messages have stacked before they are sent out to you. This is a corner that other services cut to ensure their receptionists will never have a moment of downtime between calls.

Sending messages immediately takes a bit longer, but we know it’s important for you to get them in real-time and without mistakes or inaccuracies.

We Take One Call at a Time

We guarantee that your client will never be placed on hold in the middle of their call for our receptionist to take and place another call on hold.

Other services will place your call on hold multiple times because they take 3-5 calls at once. This may get each call answered within their advertised time, but is that what you envisioned when you were told how quickly your calls would be answered?

When receptionists are bouncing back and forth between calls, it’s easy to get information muddled and make mistakes. Unfortunately, other answering services are willing to take that hit to their quality of service to save a buck.

At Betties, each call gets answered within 4 rings and has our receptionists’ full and undivided attention from start to finish.

Customized Call Handling

When our receptionists answer your calls, they’ll use a script we’ve customized just for your firm.

Most answering services have limited customization (if any at all!). It takes time and staffing for us to set up customized call handling, but we are more than willing to use our resources for everything that will give your firm and your clients a better experience.

Customized scripts allow our receptionists to fully intake new clients and avoid the generic service that will leave your clients feeling like they’ve reached a call center and not your office.


To learn more about the difference between Back Office Betties and other answering services, schedule a call with us today.

Your Law Firm Is Losing Money By Missing This One Critical Step

Triage your law firm's clients | Back Office Betties


How much time do you spend on billable work?

According to Clio, lawyers record only 2.5 billable hours per day on average. Yikes.

You could be earning more than double if you stopped doing so many non-billable tasks.

Your time is valuable! Treat it that way and watch the returns roll in.

We know that administrative work can take up a lot of time, and client intake is one of the worst offenders. So what can you do?

Hire someone to triage your clients.

What Does It Mean To Triage My Law Firm’s Clients?


1. (in medical use) the assignment of degrees of urgency to wounds or illnesses to decide the order of treatment of a large number of patients or casualties.
1. assign degrees of urgency to (wounded or ill patients).

In this case, your callers are the patients. Treat them like they’re trying to get a diagnosis and prescription that will make their ailments disappear.

Their call is the waiting room, your receptionist is the triage nurse, and the diagnosis and prescription come from your expertise after they’ve made it back to the exam room.

How Can Triaging My Clients Help Grow My Law Firm?

  • Stop wasting time on leads that aren’t a good fit
  • Streamline your intakes and increase scalability
  • Effectively instill confidence in your clients
  • Use your time on billable work, not administrative tasks

Stop Wasting Time On Leads That Aren’t A Good Fit

Your time is best spent on people you know you can help.

Many times, a caller will be looking for help in an area you don’t serve or they can’t afford your fee. When the caller isn’t a right fit for you, you’re wasting your time and theirs.

To make the most of your (valuable) time, you should know that they fit into your ideal client demographic. Likewise, you should know that your expertise is not a waste of their time or money.

Potential clients don’t always know the nature of their case, and it very well may take some prodding (time!) to get all the information needed to determine it. Often enough, that prodding can be done by a legal receptionist or paralegal who can walk them through specific questions that get to the bottom of their needs.

Once your leads make it past these questions, you’ll know that your time spent on a consultation has the potential to be mutually beneficial.

Streamlined And Scalable Intakes

Your clients’ first impression of you is on the phone, so it’s important to get your intake process right.

Making mistakes in the way you handle new leads is much easier than you may think. Did you know that 61% of law firms forget to ask the client’s name during the initial conversation? Not only that, but 72% forget to ask for their phone number!

Missing those vital pieces of information is a fast way to lose a lead and, in turn, lose money.

However, when a professional legal intake specialist is there to answer that first call, you can guarantee each and every lead will start the intake process and that vital information will be captured.

Once you’ve set your process and determined who will handle potential new client calls, things become more simple and streamlined. This is easier on your callers (they’ll know what to expect every time they call) and easier on you (hello newfound time!).

Keep in mind, too, that simplifying this process with an intake professional is scalable because you are not being called away from your most important work and have room to keep adding new clients to your calendar.

Effectively Instill Confidence In Your Clients

When you go to a medical appointment, it would be pretty strange to be greeted by the doctor sitting at the reception desk, wouldn’t it? We’ve been conditioned to view doctors as important and hard to reach because they’re so busy and in-demand.

Your callers should feel that same way about you! You’re the one that’s going to save them, but first, the triage nurse (intake specialist) needs to gather all of their information and prep them for their appointment.

When you show up to that appointment, you’re able to skip the time-intensive initial questions and spend more time offering true value and expertise.

All of this works together to instill confidence in your clients because 1. your firm presents itself professionally and 2. they view you as busy and important, so they’re honored to have you helping them.

Plus, there is no risk of confusing back and forth, complications, or missed communications because the steps to getting help are simplified and organized.

Grow Your Law Firm And Make More Money

Wouldn’t hiring someone to do my client intakes just cost me money?

Definitely not!

The reality is, your billable rate is much higher than the cost of outsourcing someone to do your intakes. When you spend your time on administrative work like answering the phones, those calls are costing you the hundreds that your time is actually worth.

Consider how much time you spend triaging clients, completing intake paperwork, and the back and forth that comes with it… how many billable hours are you wasting each day? How much money does that amount to?

Let’s do a little bit of math – Say your billable rate is $250 per hour. Say your average intake call is 15 minutes. Each time you do your own intake call, you’re spending $62.50 on that one call when you could have MADE $62.50.

Now say that you’re taking 6 intake calls in one day – that’s a loss of $375.

Your time is more valuable than $20 an hour, so stop doing these $20 an hour tasks.

Spend your time on what makes you money. Outsource what doesn’t. Then sit back and watch as your calendar fills up with more paid appointments because you opened up the time to accommodate them.


Overall, a streamlined intake process leads to your clients having a good experience, leaving stellar reviews, and recommending you to friends and family. This is an investment you will absolutely see a return on!

Interested in other ways you can help free up your billable time and make more money in your law firm? Download our Money-Making Automations Guide here.

Troubles With Google Voice? Here’s What We Recommend Instead

Trouble with Google Voice Free Phone Services

We understand the attractiveness of the free version of Google Voice, but is it really benefitting your law firm? Let’s dive into the facts.

Who Is Using The Free Version Of Google Voice?

The free version of Google Voice has continued to increase in popularity among small businesses. It’s easy to understand why: Small business owners need to save money where they can and will always be on the lookout for ways to do so. In fact, the majority of the companies who use this version of Google Voice have less than fifty employees.

Google Voice Is Not Meant To Be Used For Business

Unfortunately, the free version of Google Voice simply isn’t intended for business use. In fact, Google actually changed the name of this version to include, “For personal use”.

When you consider all of the known issues and the frustration this service has caused business owners and administrative staff, it makes sense that they are dissuading businesses from utilizing the service. Though, perhaps the most concerning aspect of this for businesses is the fact that the quality cannot be guaranteed. When you’re running a small business like a law firm, you need reliability. Google Voice simply doesn’t provide that.

There Is No Customer Support

The only support offered to users of the free Google Voice is a list of commonly asked questions and community forums. Run into an issue and need tech support? You’ll be left hoping that someone else has publicly solved that same problem on a forum in a way you’re capable of accomplishing by yourself.

Do you really want the operations of your business reliant on a “fingers crossed” situation?

Call Forwarding Is Tricky And Known To Not Always Work Properly

The most common complaint with Google Voice is that call forwarding simply stops working out of nowhere, sending your calls straight to voicemail.

The initial call from a potential new client is crucial and can make or break their trust in your law firm.

If you were trying to find a lawyer and had a list of numbers to call in front of you, would you really waste your time waiting around to see if someone gets that voicemail and returns your call? Not if another firm answers and can get your process started right away.

This is where that lack of technical support can really cause some issues.

Here’s the scenario: It’s the middle of your workday. You’re busy and working on time-sensitive cases. After a while, you realize all your calls have been going straight to your voicemail.

What can you do? Spend the rest of your workday on Google’s community help forums? Lose all of your potential new clients for the rest of the day? Neither of those is ideal, so why chance putting yourself in that situation in the first place?

Your Receptionist Only Has So Much Control Over Your Calls

There are a couple of things to consider when using Google Voice with a virtual receptionist service such as Back Office Betties:

Google Voice is designed to quickly locate a human for a live answer. If the call is not answered within a few seconds, it then forwards to Google Voicemail. Unfortunately, this means that if a call comes into our system during a high-volume time and rings more than a couple of times, the call will route to Google Voicemail.

Not only does this take the call out of the hands of the professionals you’re paying to WOW your callers, but it’s also sending messages to yet another voicemail box that you’ll need to check.

Many of our clients do use the free version of Google Voice in conjunction with our services successfully, but the fact that some law firms have issues is enough for us to work out some alternative suggestions for your law firm.

Keep in mind, the Betties team will always do our best to troubleshoot anything within our power. We can track a call once it’s entered our system and your receptionist team has successfully answered. However, if the issue of Google Voice sending the call to Google Voicemail arises, we may not be able to offer a full resolution to the problem.

We Recommend Taking A Look At These Other Providers

You might be thinking that sure, there are some drawbacks, but doesn’t the fact that it’s free make up for that? Not really.

If you want to grow your law firm, client experience is everything. When it comes to phone services, saving money now might lose you business later.

There’s a saying that goes “If you buy quality, you’ll only cry once.” While we don’t expect your phone service provider to be a big enough ticket to have you crying, it will absolutely help you avoid crying every time you miss a potential client’s call due to Google Voice acting up!

Phone Service Providers That We Have Had Positive Experiences With:



With an annual contract, RingCentral’s Standard plan is $24.99/user/month. This includes 24/7 support, quality-of-service reports, integrations with popular applications, unlimited audio conferencing, and internet fax, among others. Take a look at their solutions for small businesses.


Dialpad boasts serving some of the most innovative companies like TED, Uber, and WeWork. Their Standard plan is $15.00/user/month with an annual contract. This includes unlimited calling, SMS and MMS, G Suite & Office integrations, among others. Take a look at their small business solutions.


8×8 has a special page on their site for legal solutions. They have mobile and desktop apps, enterprise-grade security, and 14 countries in their unlimited telephony calling zone under their Standard plan, which costs $24.00/user/month with an annual subscription.


Now serving companies as large as Glassdoor and Allstate, their original business model catered to families and small businesses. Vonage uses a pay for what you use by the minute/message pricing system. Outbound calls start at $0.0139/minute. Some features include, 24/7 customer support, call analytics and reporting, integration with popular applications, among others.


Made for small businesses, Grasshopper includes mobile and desktop apps, incoming call control, virtual fax, voicemail transcription, detailed call reports, and more with all of their plans. Their Solo plan with 1 phone number and 3 extensions is $26.00/month with an annual contract.


Rated the Best Business Phone Service in 2020 by U.S. News, Nextiva offers unlimited calling, texting, and faxing worldwide, 24/7 support, unlimited conference calls, and video conferencing, among others. Their Professional plan is priced at $31.95/user/month for 1-5 users with an annual agreement, and costs are lowered with longer agreements and a higher number of users.


All of the above were featured in either The Best Small Business VoIP Providers of 2020 from GetVoIP or Best Business Phone Systems of 2020 from U.S. News and many of our clients have success in using them.


We are here to ensure all your calls are answered – don’t let your phone provider sabotage you! If you have any questions about forwarding calls to Back Office Betties or ensuring that your current call process is suitable for your law firm, give our Growth Solutions Strategist a call at (844) 200-2401.

What Your Law Firm’s Clients Are Saying Behind Your Back

Improve Your Law Firm Client Experience

We’re not going to beat around the bush because we care about you. But the following is pretty alarming and it’s important to know.

The number one bar complaint is lack of communication.

When you type ‘my lawyer’ into google, one of the first search items to pops up is ‘my lawyer is not communicating with me’.

So, what do you think your clients are saying about you behind your back?


“My attorney is the worst communicator, I have no clue what’s going on with my case!”

“My attorney never answers my call, and when he does, he’s not even friendly.”

“I could never recommend an attorney who’s impossible to reach. I’m spending too much money to have no clue what’s going on with my case.”


Those aren’t real quotes, but they sure could be. Take some time to check out other attorneys’ reviews to see if similar statements stand out to you.


Filevine shares some hard-hitting figures, “When the American Bar Association released their Profile of Legal Malpractice Claims 2008-2011, the numbers spoke for themselves. Only 10% of malpractice claims came from poor application of the law, with the remaining claims resulting from poor communications. That’s roughly 90% of legal malpractice stemming from poor communication – let that sink in”.

So why can’t attorneys communicate with their clients? And what does good client communication look like?

Here are 7 ways to improve your client’s experience with your law firm:


1. Start off strong.

Before you even get that first call, your potential clients are already evaluating you. If a potential client finds their way to your website and doesn’t see the information they’re looking for, they’ll move on to the next search result. Know what information potential clients are looking for, and make sure it’s prominently featured on your website.

2. Set and meet expectations.

Clients are always calling to get updates on their cases. The situation they are in could be the most stressful time in their life. If your client is sitting by the phone each day waiting for your call and not knowing when it might come, that’s a sign of poor communication.

Let your client know when they will hear from you! If you’re waiting on paperwork to come in, let your client know that you will be in touch with them next Friday for an update. When they get that simple email on Friday stating that you’re still waiting on that paperwork, they’ll know what’s going on. They knew when they would hear from you, and they knew the status of their case when they did.

You may think of an update being needed when something happens, but your client will go crazy waiting and not knowing. An update to your client is regular communication even if it’s just to say, “No news yet.”

3. Use layman’s terms!

What sounds like communication to you might not sound like communication to your client. Legal terminology and technical language are second nature to you, but it’s likely that your client won’t be able to absorb the information that they need. This leaves them walking away with little new information and possibly increased confusion surrounding their case. When so many terms get thrown into the conversation, your client might feel their intelligence is being brought into question if they need to stop and ask you what each one means.

You might feel like you’re wasting time explaining simple things, but your clients will be willing to spend more time with an attorney who they can understand.

4. Hire a virtual receptionist.

It’s important that you are easy to get a hold of. One of the greatest challenges of practicing law is keeping up with client contact. You can’t sacrifice other aspects of your work to be available for each phone call… but voicemail can quickly kill a client’s experience. For current clients, there is nothing worse than leaving messages and having to call again (and maybe leave another message) to see if their message was received.

Positive communication and client experience should begin on the phone. To do that, friendly and knowledgeable receptionists are a must. When a potential client calls, they experience your law firm’s communication for the first time. There is no one better to leave a good first impression than someone who specializes in doing so. Keep in mind, nothing is better at leaving a bad first impression than callers reaching your voicemail.

5. Care about your clients.

Your clients are likely experiencing a pretty rough time… they need to know that you care about their case, and frankly, about them. Be empathetic. It’s just another day in the life for you, but it could be the worst day in their life for them. This can be as simple as getting in the habit of using a person’s name three times when you’re speaking with them on the phoneto show that you’re truly listening.

Aside from the most important thing (getting results), clients want to feel taken care of. They want to know their attorney will really take care of them and won’t add to their stress. When you ensure you’re doing this, your clients will be quick to refer you to others.

6. Streamline the experience.

Simplicity is the most important aspect here.

Develop a simplified intake process that can be used consistently ensuring nothing gets missed or will require unnecessary additional effort. Make sure your website is clear and easy to navigate. Let your clients know the best way to contact you so that you will actually receive the message.

One of the most important factors in whether or not a client will refer you to a friend is how easy the process was for them.

7. Get feedback.

The best way to know how you can improve is to get information from the source. Law firms vary, and you will likely have a few things specific to your firm that you can change or alter to improve client experience. Clio shares some advice on getting good feedback from clients.


If this post resonated with you and you’re interested in improving your law firm’s client experience, schedule a call with our Growth Solutions Strategist.  They will help you come up with a plan specific to your law firm’s needs.

The Right Way to Answer Your Law Firm’s Phones

The Right Way to Answer Your Law Firm's Phone | Back Office Betties

Are you still answering your law firm’s phone with, “Law Office”? If so, we are begging you to stop! Seriously, we’re on our hands and knees over here.

Aside from not answering at all, answering the phone with “Law Office” is one of the most common mistakes we see in the handling of law firm phones.

You’re giving yourself an opportunity to be forgotten. As potential clients move down their list of law firms that might be able to help them, at least 25% of those firms will answer the phone the same exact way. This can lead to confusion and your potential client forgetting who they just spoke with. You don’t want your firm to be forgotten in a sea of law firms, right?

Now that we’re clear about what not to do, let’s talk about why and how to answer the phone in a better way.

Establish A Relationship Right Away

An important part of the client/attorney relationship is a feeling of trust and mutual respect. Whether you realize it or not, that relationship starts as soon as someone picks up the phone for your law firm! We all know that first impressions matter, and that first phone call is your chance to give a killer first impression. Don’t blow it with poor customer service, answering with a generic greeting, or by missing the call altogether.

Start your client relationships off on the right foor by answering the phone with a greeting that is friendly and announces the name of your law firm. Immediately, your client knows they reached who they intended and the call starts off with some positivity. It also helps to mention your own name so that the potential client knows who they spoke with should they need to reference it later.

Small talk is okay, but try to get straight to the point of what the caller’s needs are. Be friendly and upbeat while keeping them focused on their needs so you can understand exactly what they need help with. This avoids wasting anyone’s time and gets the potential client the help they need sooner rather than later.

Collect Your Law Firm’s Callers’ Information

Nearly nine times out of ten, law firms fail to collect full contact information from their callers. This is alarming; those callers are your leads! Leads turn into clients – don’t let them walk away.

Every call that ends without collecting information from your caller is money out the window. You are now at their will and can’t follow up to sell your legal services to them.

Not to mention, if they call back, you have no record of what happened during that initial call. Did they explain their case? Ask a question about pricing? Neglecting to record that information can cause your firm to look unprofessional and disorganized, or can frustrate your caller because they are now repeating theirself. Making this mistake has great power to turn potential clients off of your firm.

Instead of leaving your business to chance, set up an intake process that you go through for every caller. The information collected can differ between types of calls, but it’s important to set up a process for every call you may get. Document this process so that anyone who may answer the phone understands their responsibility when taking a call.

Ensure The Phone Is Always Answered

74% of potential clients contact law firms by phone but more than one third of those calls go unanswered. Partner that with the statistic that 80% of callers whose call is unanswered will not leave a message, as well as the fact that potential clients wait 3 business days on average for a response, and you’ve got lost business adding up!

The best way to capture all the business that comes your way is to always answer the phone. We understand that this isn’t possible for a busy solo attorney managing their own phones because of things like court, client appointments, and consultations. However, those reasons exemplify the necessity of dedicating someone else to your phones. Interruptions and cost/benefit aside, outsourcing your phone management is pertinent to capturing every caller and converting more callers into clients when you’re too busy too answer.

Hiring an in-house receptionist is expensive and bouncing calls between attorneys eats up valuable time that could be spent on cases. Instead, consider hiring an answering service to provide your callers with a better experience and gather all of the information you need from each potential client.

BONUS: A Few Of Our Favorite Law Firm Phone Greetings

If you need some inspiration on ways to cheerfully introduce your law firm on the phone, we’ve got you covered! Check out some of the below examples of great greetings when answering the phone.

  • “Good (Morning/Afternoon), thank you for calling (Law Firm Name). How may I direct your call?”
  • “Hello, you’ve reached (Law Firm Name). How can we help you today?”
  • “Thank you for calling (Law Firm Name). My name is _____, how may I help you?”
  • “Happy (Day of the Week)! You’ve reached (Law Firm Name). Who do I have the pleasure of speaking with?”
  • “Thank you for calling (Law Firm Name). Are you calling with a new legal matter we can help you with?”


Hiring Your Dream Law Firm Employees

Back Office Betties Hiring Dream Law Firm Employees

Hiring your dream law firm employees doesn’t have to be as hard as you make it. At Betties, we are hiring experts to ensure that our receptionist team meets and exceeds the standards of legal receptionists and answering services. We take pride in finding highly-skilled legal virtual receptionists so that you can count on incredible service without the headache of hiring. Let us guide you through exactly how to find your dream team!

Determine the Role They Will Play

What do you need help with in your law firm? Do you already have a position created or do you need to come up with a title and responsibilities for this new team member?

If the position already exists, why are you having trouble filling it? You may need to reevaluate the responsibilities, prerequisites, and compensation. Take as much feedback as you can from past employees in that role and tweak the position to be more enticing to your dream employee.

When creating a position from scratch, it’s important to research what someone in their role actually does. You might have an idea of what you need, but that might require more than one person joining your team. You don’t want to push away potential dream candidates by overwhelming them with an insane responsibility list that should actually be split into two positions.

For example, Marketing and IT are two completely different roles with different skillsets. Both roles require extensive knowledge and years of skill to be done properly. Just because their skillsets might overlap a little bit does not mean you can use one person to fill both positions. At least, not without ample compensation, that is.

What Personality Type Is Your Dream Law Firm Employee?

Have you ever considered how your personality type affects how you do your job? Different personalities excel in different areas, so it makes sense that your personality type affects your job. For example, if you are an introvert, it could get exhausting to talk to people all day long for your job. If you’re someone who is a visionary with a passion for coming up with big ideas, you might hate to sit down and do simple, repetitive tasks all day.

After you know what duties and responsibilities you are looking for someone to cover, it’s time to think about what type of personality that job is good for. Here at Back Office Betties, we utilize Culture Index to help us determine this. This service analyzes data on work-related personality traits to help determine exactly what traits fit for your current positions within the company, as well as data taken from questionnaires given to applicants. When you compare the traits your applicant possesses to the traits you’re looking for for a specific position, you can better predict an applicant’s success in the role.

To utilize a service like this, you simply include a questionnaire in the application process. There are no right or wrong answers and there’s no way to fail – the data simply provides you with the ability to predict how this person would fit in the role.

Why Should They Work For You?

So you know who your dream employee is and what you want them to do for you, but why should they work for you? What makes you more appealing than the other guys who also want to hire this same person?

It starts with the ad you place for the position you’re looking to hire. Make sure that your listing is concise, friendly, and appealing to someone who may be casually looking for a job. Your dream employee is likely not desperate for a job – you might have to really woo them!

Is the listing well written? Do you give an accurate description of the responsibilities of the role you’re trying to fill? Is the list of responsibilities overwhelming or does it fall within the parameters of the same role in other companies? Does the compensation fall in line with competitive rates for similar roles?

Once they’ve applied, you want to ensure that your hiring process is streamlined and not all over the place. Your dream employee wants to know that you have your stuff together.  Provide your applicants with a clear timeline of what to expect during the interview and hiring process. This shows them that you are just as serious about this job as they are (and your dream employee will be serious!). Pro tip: Don’t drag interviews out for 6 months unless that timeline was laid out in the first step of the hiring process.

After you’ve proven that your organization has itself together, your dream employee will need to be enticed by the position itself, the work environment, and the culture of your workplace. Are you positioning your law firm to best attract the quality of people you hope to hire?

What Benefits Do You Bring To The Table?

If your culture fits, the pay and position are right, and your hiring process is aligned, why are you still struggling to hire your dream law firm employees? Well, the answer might be that your benefits don’t compare to the competition.

Benefits packages are a great way to make happier employees and entice applicants to apply to work at your law firm. Do your benefits make life easier for your employees? Do they make your team happy? Are they useful?

When it comes to benefits and perks, get creative. Be sure to offer the standards, of course. Health insurance is usually expected, as well as paid time off. But benefits don’t have to all be pricey or over the top.

Think about fun things that others aren’t offering. If your team works in an office, add some free snacks and coffee to the mix. Create fun traditions that make the office environment enjoyable, such as special games you play during meetings or host monthly staff lunches. Maybe your team has a midday dance break where they can let loose, or perhaps your working hours are flexible and you don’t actually track anyone’s time in the office.

There’s no limit to the perks you can offer in your law firm. And the more perks you offer (that people actually care about), the more enticing it is for someone to work for you over the law firm without the fun perks.

Retaining Your Dream Law Firm Employees

Alright, you’ve found and hired your dream law firm employee – how do you make sure they stay? Just because they’ve accepted your offer doesn’t mean your new employee is going to work out. It’s important to continue to woo them even during training and employment. And above all else, deliver on everything you’ve promised them!

First, take a look at their initial impression after starting with you. Is your law firm’s onboarding and training process thorough? Is it fun and engaging? Does it flow easily, in a way that doesn’t overwhelm? Do you provide enough time to go through all of the material? Setting your new hire up for success right off the bat is one of the best ways to impress them.

Finally, your culture: Does yours match what you promised? A disappointed new hire isn’t going to stick around for long. Don’t overpromise what your company has to offer and how things operate if you can’t deliver. This is true for even the most minute things – if you mentioned it in the hiring process, make sure it’s true!


Hopefully this helps you to discover who your dream employee is, as well as hire and retain them. We’d love to hear if any of these tips have helped you!

If you’re in the market for a receptionist and the hiring process is overwhelming to you, hand it off to us and allow the Betties team to become an extension of your firm with a one-week free trial.

Incentives That Will Improve Law Firm Employee Happiness & Loyalty

Incentives for Employee HappinessEmployee happiness is an often overlooked stat in business. I understand how it happens; you’ve got a lot going on and the last thing on your mind is worrying about the mental health of those working in your office. It can be easy to ignore… until your employees up and quit, that is.

Employee happiness is directly linked to productivity, creativity, and positive attitude. It is also linked to the longevity of employment and increases loyalty to your company.

So, how can you make your employees happier? Spoiler: You don’t need to give everyone a raise. Implementing creative and useful benefits and incentives is enough to help your staff feel valued. Keep in mind that the most beneficial incentives are going to be those that encourage work-life balance and negate burnout.

Elaborate Benefits Other Companies Are Offering

Vault curated a list of benefits other law firms offer to members of their law firms and I want to share a few of my favorites.

  • Daycare exclusively for children of firm employees that operates on the same schedule as the law firm
  • Quarterly massage budget
  • All expenses paid annual one-week trip to Hawaii
  • Global soccer tournament with paid travel to different fun locations to play
  • On-site gym with a personal trainer available for once-weekly sessions

Now, those benefits are all dreamy but most of us aren’t quite in a place in business to offer such elaborate perks just yet. What can we do on a tighter budget?

Benefits That Won’t Break The Bank

There are plenty of ways to show your appreciation for your employees without emptying your pockets. Here are a few that really stuck with me as impactful.

  • A cereal bar – this one is quirky, fun, and filling
  • Breast milk delivery program for traveling moms
  • Extended parental leave for all parents, including adoptive & surrogate
  • Flexible work hours – Netflix doesn’t track vacation time or working hours, they track the actual work completed
  • More vacation time

These are all pretty simple examples but they greatly improve the balance between work and family, which is shown to improve the quality of work produced. It’s important to note, too, that if you notice a benefit is not being utilized, you can switch it up! There’s no need to waste money if the benefit isn’t one that your team finds valuable. Survey your employees about what they would rather see and work to implement those instead.

How Back Office Betties Got Creative With Benefits

You don’t have to stick to the same benefits that everyone else is offering. In fact, I highly recommend that you don’t do that! Sure, there may be some things that would be viewed as standard. But offering additional unique ( & useful) benefits helps to make you stand out as an employer and further encourages employee happiness and loyalty in your team. At Back Office Betties, we have implemented some perks and incentives that our team loves and utilizes.

  • Dream Program – Every employee fills out a wishlist of their dreams and we grant wishes based on performance, thus connecting personal goals to their day-to-day work
  • Working From Home – Every Bettie works in the comfort of their home. We provide their equipment and encourage participation in our Betties community through chat and virtual events so that each employee gets the best of both (working) worlds!
  • Home Buyers Program – Two Betties per year qualify for assistance with a down payment on a new home
  • Wellness Days – Twice per year, Betties are offered paid time off to get pampered on Back Office Betties’ dime
  • Annual Growth Budget – Each Bettie is given a budget to spend on learning and growth, however they see fit
  • 2 + 3 = 5 Year Anniversary Program – Upon their fifth Bettie-versary, employees get 2 weeks consecutive paid time off + $3000 to take a vacation and treat themselves for their loyalty and hard work


These are just a few examples of ways to boost your employees’ happiness, but don’t let these suggestions limit you! Benefits aren’t the only way to boost morale. I recommend asking your team what would make them happier, and follow up with action based on their suggestions. Utilize an employee happiness survey like OfficeVibe and also track productivity, then see how the two compare!

Inspiring Teamwork in Your Law Firm

Teamwork in your law firm

It’s no secret that current events throughout the world are causing more division than ever and you may be noticing some of that enter the workplace. Opinions differ on social and health issues, politics creep into everyday conversations, and relationships are being taxed. Not to mention that teams that are used to working closely are now being distanced and working from home. It is more important now than ever to instill an environment within your law firm that encourages teamwork and nourishes the relationships within your office.

The Key Elements to Inspire Teamwork

  1. Leadership
  2. Daily Huddle
  3. Open Dialogue
  4. Goals
  5. Benefits
  6. Team Building Exercises


Teamwork starts at the top. Without a clear leader, there cannot be effective teamwork. Someone needs to guide the team, set expectations, and encourage the direction of the conversations into productive avenues.

When there is no leader, two things can happen. More than one person fighting for control can quickly become volatile, and on the other end of the spectrum,  nobody leading the team can cause for a lackluster collaboration with no direction. In either scenario, effective teamwork is not the end result. Avoid this by designating a leader who can help to guide collaborations in a way that stays on topic and productive.

Daily Huddle

Meeting daily as a team does a couple of things for teamwork. First, it fosters the bond necessary to trust others in a collaboration. Second, it allows for continued updates on current projects and allows additional input on the progress being made. These daily huddles should not be long, nor should they be without direction. Set the expectation on how each meeting will go and what each team member should come prepared with to ensure that they don’t become unproductive time-sucks.

At Back Office Betties, we keep our daily huddle short and sweet. Each member of the team gets 3 minutes to speak and we have a defined process we work through each day, including a time to bring up any important topics that are needing collaboration. The leader of the meeting has the power to say whether a topic is pertinent to the entire team or if it should be discussed outside of the daily huddle. This helps to keep the meeting focused on topics that are pertinent to the entire team and avoid wasting anyone’s time.

Open Dialogue

Everyone should have a voice when you’re trying to instill an environment that fosters teamwork. There should not be any fear to speak up and every member of the team should have the chance to feel heard.

This means that the leader of the team needs to be receptive to communication and help to encourage members of the team to speak up. If you’re finding that your staff consistently apologize for asking you questions or bringing things to your attention, it might be that they feel that you are not as open for communication as you hope to be.

Let your team know that you are open to talk and they can come to you any time they need, then watch as your team’s collaboration efforts expand.


Every team needs goals to work towards for efficient collaboration. This is one of the first places to start with teamwork – what goals does the team want to work towards together? Whether that be an improvement of service, creation of a new process, or a way to improve on a current process – set the goal together, and then work towards reaching it as a team.


What’s in it for your team when they work together? You might say, “well, they’re helping the company!” But is someone who may be lower on the totem pole really affected enough by the stats in the company to care? What might cause them to want to add to their plate and throw in with the team when they could just keep to themself? How many ideas are sitting out there in an intern’s head because they don’t feel important enough to speak up?

Offering a reward or praise for a job well done goes far to support your team in ways that make them feel appreciated and encouraged to continue working together and finding solutions to problems.

At Back Office Betties, we grant wishes when a member of the team excels or goes above and beyond in their job. Each team member has a wish list of things they want, ranging from Starbucks gift cards to the hot new makeup palette. When management feels that that team member deserves a granted wish, they pick something off of the list and sends it to the team member as a way to thank them for their hard work. This instills a feeling of appreciation and encourages that extra effort when working together as a team to be innovative or solve a problem.

We also regularly shout out our team members for work well-done and push the rest of the team to show their appreciation for their coworkers. Not only are they being acknowledged and encouraged, but their teammates are encouraged to step it up too.

Team Building Exercises

Team building helps foster better communication between team members and also reveals unknown skills and talents that might not be pertinent to a person’s specific job. Building those connections helps when collaborating, as the person you might not think to ask first for help may actually have a background in exactly what you’re struggling with. Or perhaps you discover that a coworker in another department has a thinking style that compliments your own, revealing that you are perfect brainstorming partners.

Team building also helps to keep your team engaged and ready to work. When being around your coworkers is fun and engaging, the conversation flows more easily and brainstorming can happen naturally.

Even though the team at Back Office Betties works in 3 different states and we all work from home, we do annual team building events in each state. We also do monthly video meetings that help us to feel connected to the team members that we aren’t physically close to.


Hopefully some of these tips help you to bring your team closer together. If you’re ready to expand your law firm’s team and add a dedicated team of virtual receptionists to your firm, sign up for one week free.