Client Relations

FOCUS ON CLIENT EXPERIENCE (Stop Wasting Your Marketing Dollars)

Putting the Client Experience First

How can firms stand out in a crowded online space and make…
5 pieces of the AR puzzle by Back Office Betties

Is Your Law Firm Missing These 5 Pieces of the A/R Puzzle?

Our CEO, Emily LaRusch, sat down with Brooke Lively, Founder…
This Is Why Gifting Might Not Be Working for You (And How to Do it Right)

Gifting as a Law Firm Marketing Strategy

There’s a lot of talk about the psychology of gifting and how…
How Flat Fee Pricing for Attorneys Could Solve Your Problems

Stop the Billable Hour Insanity

Are flat fee pricing models the future?   The…
Don't Let These Mistakes Hinder Your Law Firm's Growth

The Top 5+ Mistakes Attorneys Make In Running Their Practice

Mistakes are inevitable. Especially for small law firms that…
How to Handle the Most Frequent Law Firm Phone Calls

16 Unique Phone Calls Every Law Firm Should Be Prepared For

The way your handle your law firm’s phone calls has the…
The Guide to Getting More Referrals

Your Law Firm Is Missing Out on Easy Money

As you probably know, law firms rely heavily on referrals to…
Customer Service Recovery
Why Your Law Firm Should Be Triaging Clients

Your Law Firm Is Losing Money By Missing This One Critical Step

  How much time do you spend on billable work? According…
Improve Your Law Firm Client Experience

What Your Law Firm’s Clients Are Saying Behind Your Back

We're not going to beat around the bush…
Spoil Your Law Firm Clients | Back Office Betties

How to Spoil Your Law Firm’s Clients By Offering the Best Customer Service

Your law firm's clients are your livelihood. They're the…
Customer Service Should Be Your Top Priority

Making Customer Service a Priority Only Boosts Your Law Firm’s Success

There's no dancing around it - with the internet at our fingertips,…
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