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How Does Net Promoter Score (NPS) Work

If you aren’t familiar with Net Promoter Score (NPS), this powerful and SIMPLE metric is a proven way to gauge client satisfaction, the likelihood of them returning to your law office in their next time of need, and most importantly their potential to refer new clients. By using this fast, 1 question survey, firms quickly categorize their clients as Detractors, Passives, and Promoters.

We recommend you avoid making any survey data collected anonymous. At first it may sound good, and perhaps it may bring more responses, but in the long run, it makes the information less actionable. By ensuring the data is tied to a specific client you have given your firm the opportunity to close the loop by reaching out to detractors and finding out what went wrong. Maybe there was a misunderstanding about billing or a bump in the road that could have been avoided. If you don’t take the opportunity to reach out to detractors, you lose the ability to convert them to passives or promoters.

Activate your Promoters! Once you know who they are put them to action by reminding them you appreciate their trust, remind them you are at their side the next time you are needed, perhaps plant the seed that you would love to serve their friends and family. This is your chance to push for referrals in a non-threatening way.

If you use firm management software like Clio, you can easily add a field to track your new information. PS…word on the street is Clio just announced the addition of an NPS tool at the Clio Cloud Conference.

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