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Customer Service Should Be Your Top Priority

Making Customer Service a Priority Only Boosts Your Law Firm's Success

There's no dancing around it - with the internet at our fingertips,…
Betties Book Brief - Never Split the Difference

Never Split the Difference - Betties Book Brief

Negotiations happen in all facets of life. Whether it's negotiating…
Stress Free Holiday Season

How to Have a Stress-Free Holiday Season Without Losing Business

The holidays are a joyous time to spend with your family.…
Meet Katelyn - Back Office Betties

Meet the Betties | Team Manager

Meet Katelyn - Team Manager Alright, last month you met our…
Law Blog

How to Start Your Law Blog

Blogging has been around for quite a while but it feels like…
Magnetic Marketing Book Brief

Betties Book Brief - Magnetic Marketing

Another month, another Book Brief! This time, we've read…
When should you be outsourcing?

When Should You be Outsourcing?

A small business owner cannot do it all. Whether you have employees…

Meet the Betties | First Up, Our CEO

Sometimes it’s fun to know the behind the scenes of business,…

Betties Book Brief - Sell or Be Sold

You know the drill by now we're sure, but just to reiterate,…

Your Law Firm Needs To Be Using Chatbots

The chances that you've never visited a website with a chatbot…

The 11 Best Ways to Market Your Law Firm for Free

You’ve started your law firm, you have a couple of clients…

Betties Book Brief - Street Smarts

It's time for another Betties Book Brief and we are extremely…