Does Your Podcast Have Structure?

Podcasts are a fantastic new way to connect with audiences on specific topics.  They can also give you the leverage to create new followers for your business.  To generate this, podcasts must be done well to get the desired outcome.

Last week we discussed some of the necessities that would be needed to get your podcast up and running.  This week, we will elaborate on that topic and discuss ways to spice up your podcast.  The key is to keep listeners engaged so they want to tune in every week.

Keep It Simple

The first way to create a better podcast is by developing a system that works for you, along with detailed planning.  Consider starting off simple by using a bullet point method for your outline.  This can be posted on a teleprompter or printed on paper and put up in front of the host to see.  Some podcasters use teleprompters and write out scripts for every podcast.  While this method can be effective, it can also lead to the podcast having a robotic feel.  Using a simple outline will ensure that everyone is on the same page while allowing freedom and creativity to take place with non-scripted verbiage.  If you can keep the content and host in a dynamic light, this will create an organic and positive response from listeners.

Change The Format

Keeping your podcast fresh will also be on the list.  Spice up your podcast by changing the format of each episode.   Christian Cawley of outlines that there are 5 different formats for video podcasts:

  • Solo podcast
  • Podcast interviews
  • Multi-host show
  • Round table discussion
  • Audio magazine

A common mistake from podcasters is that they keep the same format for too long.  This can make their show potentially boring and repetitive for viewers.  Consider changing formats frequently.  For example, if you are doing a podcast interview one week, switch to a round table discussion next week.  The key is to keep the consistency of posting every week (or however often you have decided to post).  The innovative part should be the way the podcast is constructed.

Future Topics

To decide your outline and format of your podcasts, start with creating a list of topics you would like to speak about.  Podcast topics can fall into any category, in any industry. With an unlimited number of topics to choose from, selecting the right ones can seem overwhelming.  As you begin posting your podcasts, pay close attention to the comments and feedback you are receiving from your posts.  Reading the comments can give you great insight into future topic ideas.

After your podcast has posted, consider posting a thought-provoking question about the subject you just talked about.  Not only will this keep the audience engaged but using this information may enlighten you to create future topics that people will want to hear.

Trial and Error

Whether you are starting off or refreshing your current podcast, it will be trial and error at first.  Take the time to develop your topics, formats, and outlines carefully.  Keeping a schedule of calendar dates to do these tasks will be helpful to you.  As you develop your podcasts, you will find a system and related topics that are the best fit for your business.

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