Meet the Betties | First Up, Our CEO

Sometimes it’s fun to know the behind the scenes of business, right? We love digging into the why and how a business came to be and the people with the bright ideas to get there. For that reason, we’ve decided to start a blog series where you can meet the team behind the Betties! To start the series off right today, we’re introducing our incredible CEO, Emily LaRusch.

Meet Emily LaRusch!

Emily LaRusch - Founder/CEO of Back Office Betties

Emily is the Founder and CEO of Back Office Betties. She is also the mom of two boys, Mason and Lucas, and recently started a Sudbury model school for her boys to attend in their area. Somehow, she juggles it all with grace.

When Emily was younger, ADHD wasn’t a known disorder. She was called things like “disruptive”, “retarded”, “flighty”, and “lazy” because she wasn’t thriving in the environment she was in. As Emily grew older, she realized that she isn’t lazy or dumb. She had believed those labels for a long time but was able to break free of them after diving into workshops, conferences, books, and spiritual practices that helped her to understand her mind and the way that it works.

Upon embarking on this personal development quest, Emily was finally able to embrace her ADHD mind. The greatest equalizer for Emily has been yoga. She can tire herself out enough physically to then quiet her mind in meditation. This practice is where she feels happiest!

When Emily isn’t working hard on her business, she is practicing yoga, hiking, kayaking, or has her nose buried deep into a book.

Bringing Back Office Betties to Life

When the idea of Back Office Betties came about, Emily was struggling to find a contractor that would answer their phone so she could hire them to do some home services. How can these people stay in business with such poor customer service? Over the next few days, Emily realized that she had a grand business idea on her hands! With Back Office Betties, she could support small businesses in giving better customer service.

Back Office Betties did not start as a niche service. Emily was originally open to helping any and all small local businesses. However, she realized that not all businesses valued the service that Betties provides and asked her team who they love to serve the most. The resounding answer: Attorneys! Attorneys valued the services we provided and appreciated that we go above and beyond with appointment scheduling and the ability to accept payments. This led to an important pivot for Back Office Betties and brings us to where we are today.

Back Office Betties now serves only solo and small law firms with virtual receptionist services, concierge services, appointment scheduling, and virtual assisting. We love our clients and enjoy prioritizing customer service for solo and small law firms!