Networking: The Success Formula for Entrepreneurs

When it comes to networking, this is something every entrepreneur should practice religiously to stay connected to one’s community.  While it can be learned and taught as a skill, that is not what networking is about.  It’s about building relationships around you.

Becoming a relationship builder should be one of the most natural things you do as an entrepreneur. Start of by just being yourself, the right people will be attracted to your personality and then the message of your business.  Do not limit yourself to developing relationships with people that may only fall into your niche of business.

Five + One Principle For Networking

Chas Wilson, the author of Five + One, is known for being an entrepreneurial spirit and out of the box thinking.  He is also the President and Co-Founder of Master Networks, Inc. where their purpose is to bring people together to create positive and productive business relationships.

His book shares how five business disciplines can be combined into One Master Skill – Networking.

The Five Business Principles involve:

  1. Thinking
  2. Targeting
  3. Tracking
  4. Timing
  5. Team Building

After you have learned the Five Business Principles, you can then put those into One Master Skill which is your Networking.  Wilson has pinpointed that networking is about building relationships.  He encourages learning this step-by-step process of Five + One to positively impact your business and grow your network.

Ask the Most Important Question

It’s no secret that some of the best networkers are social butterflies.  But what sets them apart?  Chances are it’s their approach.  People will organically gravitate towards someone who is always willing to be open and help.  It also makes a great ice breaker with someone you’re trying to connect with.

As you get to know your fellow networkers, think of asking them, “how can I help?”.  When you give a listening ear to the obstacle or problem a person is facing, you can then offer a solution to their problem.

It’s A People Business

Being consistent with your networking and building relationships will carry you far in your business.  It is important to first understand the fundamental principles to grow your business.  However, the primary thought to have on the fore front is the intention of building relationships that will benefit everyone.