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“What Is A Virtual Receptionist?” And Other Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual receptionist? And other FAQs answered

If you’ve attempted Googling “What is a virtual receptionist?” at least once, this blog post is for you.

We’re sitting down and addressing some of the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding virtual receptionist services, what makes Back Office Betties different, and why your law firm might benefit from outsourcing your phone processes.

Okay, so what is a virtual receptionist?

Virtual Receptionist Service ≠ Answering Service

If you’ve asked anyone to explain exactly what a virtual receptionist service is before, they might have included the phrase “answering service” as a way to help you relate the answer to something you’re more familiar with.

But honestly, virtual receptionists are much more closely related to your in-house receptionist than they are an answering service, for one simple reason: Quality.

When you hear the phrase “answering service,” you probably let out an internal groan. Call centers with loud background noises, poor customer service, and limited capabilities might come to mind.

The same shouldn’t be true when you think of a virtual receptionist service.

Virtual Receptionists Prioritize Customer Service & Have More Capabilities Than An Answering Service

Your standard answering service typically answers the phone, takes a message, and moves on to the next caller. Occasionally it is a little more in-depth than that, but that’s the pretty standard practice.

A virtual receptionist service will use a custom greeting, capture all caller information, schedule appointments, answer frequently asked questions, accept payments, transfer calls to the client as needed, make outbound calls, and so much more.

Typically, the only thing your virtual receptionist can’t do that an in-house receptionist could is open the front door.


How Is Back Office Betties Different From Other Virtual Receptionist Services?

The short answer is: We specialize in serving solo attorneys and small law firms and we offer complete customization to fit each firm’s needs.

Okay, so what does that mean?

Many services have a pretty cut and dry approach to the way they handle all calls for every industry. Additionally, most virtual receptionist services will serve multiple industries, as opposed to focusing on a narrow niche. Sometimes this can amount to a less-than-personal experience for callers. It also leaves less room for expertise in any one industry. For example, a service that serves many industries may not be able to answer specific plumbing, construction, or, most importantly, legal-related questions because they’re not experts in any single industry.

Instead, Betties focuses solely on the legal industry so as to provide callers with answers to frequently asked questions, provide law firms with team members who are knowledgeable of the legal process, and a perfected call process that works best for the legal industry.

This leads to a better caller experience, a better experience for attorneys & their teams, and a better call experience for the receptionists. When everyone is happy, it’s a whole lot easier to sell consults and grow a law firm – who knew?!

Will A Virtual Receptionist Service Benefit My Law Firm?

If you find the right fit, a virtual receptionist service can absolutely benefit your law firm! Whether you need full-time phone coverage or simply backup vacation care, it can never hurt to have a professional ensuring that your callers never make it into your voicemail.

The keywords there are “the right fit,” as the wrong virtual receptionist service can end up costing you more time and money than you would like. Be sure to determine what is most important to you in hiring a service, whether it be cost, quality, speed of answering, customization of your call handling, or something else.

How Do You Get Started With A Virtual Receptionist Service?

Getting started with a virtual receptionist service is typically pretty straightforward. Some services will offer a free trial, others offer money-back guarantees. At Back Office Betties, we give you 30 days to decide if our service is the right fit for your law firm. If not, no problem! We’ll provide you with a full refund of your first invoice right then and there.

No matter the service you choose to work with, you’ll need to answer some basic questions about your firm. These typically will cover basics like your team and their names, contact information for call transfers, and can dive as deep as FAQs, call preferences, and intake questions to ask.

To determine the specific needs of your law firm, request a call today with our Growth Solutions Strategist.