Meet The Bettie | Chelsea Beth

Meet The Bettie: Chelsea BethMeet Chelsea Beth!

Chelsea Beth spent 15+ years working as a nanny before accepting a job as an Assistant Administrator at a law firm, where she worked for 7 years. She started at Betties in March of this year but hopes to be with us until her retiring day (so she claims).

Her experience brings so much value to the team and we are so happy to have her!

Chelsea Beth’s favorite thing about working at Betties is the team. She loves being a part of an incredible group of supportive, hilarious, kind-hearted people.

Chelsea Beth spent her early days in Ventura County California and moved to Phoenix about 11 years ago. She lives with her firefighter husband, their 4-year-old son, Henry, and 1-year-old daughter, Lucy. She also has a baby boy in the oven, due on Thanksgiving. She is accepting name suggestions, so feel free to call in if you’ve got ‘em!

When she’s not working, Chelsea Beth likes to spend her downtime being creative. She has a passion for both writing and photography/videography and has big dreams of sharing them with a wide audience someday.

Say hello to Chelsea Beth next time you catch her on the phone!

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